Update to Drop Rates

Official announcements from the makers of Kingdoms at War.

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Re: Update to Drop Rates

Postby _____________MuSaNg______IDD__ on Aug 30 2018, 1:40am

DarkLady6777 wrote:What about people like me who have built everything without wars or spending real money? Are we going to be punished for that?

Build more spy to increase drop rate
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Re: Update to Drop Rates

Postby Anony on Aug 30 2018, 3:52am

Nice to see new devs at work
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Re: Update to Drop Rates

Postby ________G_D_M_F_S_O_B_____ on Aug 30 2018, 7:41am

Great job devs
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Re: Update to Drop Rates

Postby GLR______FROZEN-HELL______GLR on Aug 31 2018, 1:03am

Great job guys.. keep it up
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Re: Update to Drop Rates

Postby Family on Aug 31 2018, 1:04am

Thank you Winston! Nice work!
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Re: Update to Drop Rates

Postby Dave on Aug 31 2018, 1:46am

Majin_Venom wrote:Why is this getting fixed? This is more like RIP to Small Players

It's to prevent people building new accounts and hitting Large ebs to obtain max drops.

This should not affect the majority of accounts that play already. If new genuine players wish too start they can do it like the rest of us did.
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Re: Update to Drop Rates

Postby Ledgic on Aug 31 2018, 11:47pm

I think they’re referring to small turtle builds that get max items with few hits
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Re: Update to Drop Rates

Postby Majin_Venom on Sep 1 2018, 7:16am

They should disable charms in events Like ASW And balance them right.. They are Just too OVer powerful.. Can even SB a Build 10 times smaller than me
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Re: Update to Drop Rates

Postby Reflection on Sep 4 2018, 10:16am

You didn’t fully fix the issue. The same accounts just grew beyond the parameters you set and are still receiving max items with 1 action .....B minus for effort
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Re: Update to Drop Rates

Postby Venom on Sep 4 2018, 11:16am

Bruh. I'm ded, but this isn't fixed. :lol: Just requires a larger build by a little now.
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