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Community Wishlist Discussion

Postby Cam_The_Devilman on May 30 2018, 12:56pm

So, it's been just over a year since the devs released the community wishlist response, and I was hoping to get a discussion going about the communities thoughts on how well the devs have done, I'll try and be as simple as I can since I never make threads and don't know what I'm doing, let's begin. (It would help to read the devs thread first as I'll be going in the order they did)

Monthly Content:
Now, I won't argue with the fact they did a good job at giving us monthly content, however I think the non stop legends are a but much with them always being in the exact same format. I can only suggest that maybe they switch up the way that legends are run, maybe try running different types of legends, maybe try a legend where the players can pick the difficulty they want to try.

The economy in kaw is pretty bad and I don't really think there is a good way to fix it, building tokens helped to a certain degree, but it only marginally closes the gap between players.
They also mentioned something to do with allies but I've never really payed much attention to allies since I don't war and I just fairy my way through the game, but as far as I'm aware nothing really changed. If something did please correct me.

This is something I was really intrigued with when it was initially mentioned within in the response, they brought up that they had a design for all these clan designs but none of them were ever actually implemented into the game, I'd really like the devs to reconsider this and at the very least do a trial run so we can see how it would work.
Another idea for us fairies and loyal clan members, is adding a clan event leaderboard, it would run along side the main event and it would give rewards depending where your clan ends on the leader board, items for this would only be able to be collected from ebs.

I don't have much to say for reasons already mentioned, but I know some of you will have some really strong opinions on this topic.
I will say that they didn't do anything mentioned, no new war types, no new mith equips, nothing really done, if the war community feels neglected it's very understandable.

Overall game balance (osw):
Again, nothing really noticeable changed, we had one pvp event it didn't do too well, but I personally found it really enjoyable and would love to see a similar thing return and for the devs to host more things like farmfest like they mentioned they would, such a great way to include the osw community and give back to them .

Quality of life:
This they did a good job to start with be then trailed off a little, the increased speaker regeneration was good and did increase the discussions within world chat, well done devs.
The initial inventory clean up, again good job devs, not continuing to keep the inventories clean and tidy, not such a good job devs, please start cleaning the inventories again.
I also think that the clan ads as in the new way of posting ads should be a bit more limited because it can be a bit much just seeing that form of message in world chat.

I'm not going to comment on this

I'm aware I haven't actually added much to the conversation, I'm just reviewing what they said and looking at where we are as a game and a community. I feel the devs did try and be a bit more transparent with the community with what they're are doing for a short while, but that seemed to have stopped far too quickly after beginning.
I'm not sure that any devs will read this, but if you do, please just be more open with what you're doing, let the community know what you're future plans are every now and then, don't keep us completely in the dark or people are going to keep leaving because they feel like you don't care.
Let's get a discussion going, what needs to be done to improve the game.
P.s. give us a new eb everyone knows it's long overdue.
If you read to here thank you, happy kawing.
Peace, love and positivity.
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Re: Community Wishlist Discussion

Postby xXP_3Xx_-DotNet-_xXP_3Xx on May 30 2018, 1:36pm

Yeah war community feels neglected 
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Re: Community Wishlist Discussion

Postby _____________MuSaNg______IDD__ on Jun 1 2018, 12:06am

We EB community feels neglected. We need more different event often on EB side
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Re: Community Wishlist Discussion

Postby illIIlIHOLYIlIIlDOMOIlIlIIi on Jun 1 2018, 4:37am

What’s left to develop ? ......another different colored chest ? Wait another couch ? I think the ebs have been squeezed hard and long enough.

Fix the war system and they will war.
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Re: Community Wishlist Discussion

Postby xXD3mOnXx on Jun 1 2018, 6:41am

Wars havent just been neglected. Devs have actively killed off wars by removing war types, killing off pc, making build sizes stupidly big and above all, charms, ridiculously boosted eq stats and eq only coming from ebs.
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Re: Community Wishlist Discussion

Postby LMABAO on Jun 1 2018, 11:25am

Didn’t we do this years ago and devs just ended up playing corrupt a wish with it?
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Re: Community Wishlist Discussion

Postby NAT1501 on Jun 1 2018, 12:42pm

My wish is to stop seeing these posts
Bring back rp
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