Allies deleted when server down!

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Allies deleted when server down!

Postby -Zaab0r_The_Godfather_MaCHiNE- on May 21 2018, 1:05pm

I thought I would let everyone know and see if this happened to anyone else? All my allies disappeared from my account without being hired, or fired. I did not gain any gold what so ever. Talk about the perfect strip. So far all that has been said is they can't find any instances of missing or pending $. THAT IS MY POINT! They are gone but received nothing. I have since bought 3 new allies but think I should be compensated for the vanished ones.
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Re: Allies deleted when server down!

Postby Tzshifter on May 21 2018, 1:06pm

I think the devs stripped you
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Re: Allies deleted when server down!

Postby Mei on May 21 2018, 2:27pm

If you have truly had issues with your allies then please put in a help ticket. Demanding compensation on forums won't really solve anything.
Put in a ticket with support and explain to them the issue that happened.
Thank you
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