Idea to get a new player base.

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Re: Idea to get a new player base.

Postby Flirt on May 8 2018, 9:23pm

The FTUE(First-time user experience) is the most important aspect of any application/game. 95% of player retention is based on it, there are so many things that have to be revamped or fixed on KaW. The tutorial flow has to be redesigned, a new war system or at least an update for it that accounts for charm BFE. There are multiple cascading bugs currently present and have not been fixed for a while, like the 5 PvP spells in your market or ally BFA in the minus range once it goes beyond 2.14b, level balancing with the gold inflation, new feature updates based on community requests, advertising this game and so on. Did you know Heckfire is being advertised on 5 platforms? Including Youtube banner ads? and PiMD on 3.

Unfortunately to do any of this means expending resources and time on it, which ATA is unwilling to do for KaW because they do not see a proportionate return on the investment. Whilst you and I might view KaW through rose tinted glasses, to ATA, KaW is purely business. It's how the startup mentality is, with limited resources and time they are forced to prioritize. In simple terms, does KaW run/work with it current bugs? Like the market glitches and more? Yes, hence not very high on the priority list. Will KaW run with the current outdated and imbalanced war system? Yes, so again not top of the priority list.
If you were a business with only x resources and y time, you'd invest it what would bring the most returns. I.e, Heckfire in this case.
Unless there is a game breaking issue on KaW, it is not much of a priority. Y'all saw how many months it took them to fix something as crucial as the furniture cloning glitch.

I'd love to see KaW being worked on, an active team working to update game areas that are aged or even a few platform advertisements, the fact that this game has survived for 8 years while other ATA games have shut down shows we have a solid core player base,it's purely a math porblem at the end of the day, limited resources and they go into the highest ROI (Return on Investment).
I don't expect ATA to suddenly wake up and start dedicating the manpower required to revitalize KaW.
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Re: Idea to get a new player base.

Postby Tzshifter on May 8 2018, 9:54pm

I mean people still drop loads on this game so why would they update it. All they have to do is reskin a new chest and equipment and ppl go crazy. More power to them.
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Re: Idea to get a new player base.

Postby Bad-Advice on May 11 2018, 8:55am

I support
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Re: Idea to get a new player base.

Postby IIFlameII on May 12 2018, 5:28pm

I feel like the tutorial is better. The other approach will ruin the hard work of other people over months.
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