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Re: The Summoners' Circle

Postby Fogoa on Apr 13 2018, 5:25pm

Venom wrote:As always, great art work.. Although the same old collection mechs every event gets boring quick.

For those of y'all that didn't notice, some of the pets are influenced by our buildings and their troop units. Like this one! The Summoning Circle T3 L1 balanced troop.

Actually it's the whole event that is influenced by a building. Last event was from a LL building (siege dragon). Before they mentioned abysmal cloaks from the Abyss, and before they mentioned the Black cat riders, from the HF.
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Re: The Summoners' Circle

Postby IlIlIlIlBachkedaIlIlIlIl on Apr 13 2018, 5:55pm

Yes caster please lurk and do nothing. Don’t talk to us or anything, just as if kaw team don’t care about us anymore.
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