Finally done with kaw

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Re: Finally done with kaw

Postby sj-inferorum_regnum_69 on Jan 7 2018, 11:58am

Goodbye bro. You, as others, will be missed.
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Re: Finally done with kaw

Postby joshuatree80 on Jan 7 2018, 12:35pm

Cloud your are a legend, and an ambassador to what use to make this game great. Getting harder and harder to log in and tap tap but do so for people like you and many you mention in your farewell.
This game is a social game but devs made it about individuals chasing items and other garbage that has no purpose as wars are dead.

What made this game great was the loyalty of clanmates to one another. This loyalty made us like a family. The devs keep pushing crappie side games down our throats all the while using the funds from what made ATA in the first place. They continue neglecting the game that has stood the the test of time. Hopefully when the cash cow dies and their other failures of games die like most of them. They’ll realize what should of been the focus of their company.

Won’t be long until I to stop playing KAW as the title kingdom at war is now kingdom of shame. Stop spending money if you agree then maybe the devs with pull their heads out of there asses, and make this game great again.
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Re: Finally done with kaw

Postby SugarBaby on Jan 7 2018, 4:06pm

Cloud - we will always be friends, Kaw or not. Some friendships go beyond the game and that’s how I feel with most of my SILVER family. I’m always here for you and anyone if you need someone to talk to or need some nonsense from my twisted mind. Much love to you and all my old SILVER family. ️
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Re: Finally done with kaw

Postby -Silverbullet- on Jan 8 2018, 2:53am

Can I have your charms then ?
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Re: Finally done with kaw

Postby War-Kage on Jan 8 2018, 9:26am

I am genuinely sorry to see you go. You guided me early in my gameplay, but more that that I consider you a good friend. Cheers, and we will still grab dinner from time to time.
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Re: Finally done with kaw

Postby JCMEddie on Jan 9 2018, 2:35pm

My two cents worth.

Firstly, Cloud its been a pleasure and wish you all the very best in RL and in whatever you do next

2) I warred most wars in S1 to S3. Thereafter the abuses and lack of fixes to them made warring a lottery. Very few wars were decided by tactics but rather abuses (or creative abuses which were legal). The best was Rising Hawks who filled up with 2/3 LB and the balance GH with amazing BFE. Virtually unbeatable at the time.

3) LL wars where big spy clans almost always out scored Attack build clans by stealing stealing and stealing. All legit.

When I started playing the game 6 years ago it was so much fun. I hit today probably more through addiction than enjoyment but I always hope that the Devs can bring back the fun.

The friends and family of Silver and other individual ppl are and have been an inspiration.

I hope to continue playing and war again but the rewards for war should out-rank any other rewards. They don’t. Mino commented eloquently on the virtual bedroom furniture. I’m not sure where this features in a war game.

The Devs need to go back to basics and ask what makes the game successful and what can continue to keep the game successful and develop further.

As ever it’s been a privilege to “play” with you and against you and if war can become a team effort again with balanced wars where the outcome is determined by skill of the leaders and the teams then that’s surely the future.

Finally, and again, Cloud good luck. It’s been a privilege to war with you, to lead you and also to follow you. Good luck to us all.

Regards and best wishes

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Re: Finally done with kaw

Postby Dave on Jan 9 2018, 3:11pm

Best of luck in Real life mate. Every cloud has a silver lining. I'm sure some of us will be back if you return.
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Re: Finally done with kaw

Postby SELFMADE on Jan 9 2018, 7:55pm

Bye cloud
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Re: Finally done with kaw

Postby illIli__SEVEN__iIlill on Jan 12 2018, 5:13pm

Who are you ?
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Re: Finally done with kaw

Postby Who on Jan 14 2018, 12:48am

illIli__SEVEN__iIlill wrote:Who are you ?

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