Flat Earth

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Flat Earth

Postby Devourment on Nov 29 2017, 5:20am

I'm making this thread a short one, I'll try to condense as much information as I can and keep it short before it gets deleted for exposing the truth...

The earth is flat, the evidence that I have complied proves this. If you place any round object on the floor it will not move on its own, thus proving that the earth is flat.

Please don't be fooled by NASA telling you the world is round, it is NOT.
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Re: Flat Earth

Postby AbsoIet on Nov 29 2017, 5:44am

Who gives a crap.
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Re: Flat Earth

Postby WaR_SINlllIiIllIIIillXXX_LoR on Nov 29 2017, 5:44am

This is your brain.....this is your brain on drugs...

Any questions?
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Re: Flat Earth

Postby _ZE_FireKTN_MP_ on Nov 29 2017, 5:45am

Republicans be like-
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Re: Flat Earth

Postby Kasama on Nov 29 2017, 6:17am

Are you the real devouring or an imposter?
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Re: Flat Earth

Postby Green-Echo4Legend on Nov 29 2017, 6:28am

Stop doing meth.
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Re: Flat Earth

Postby TheRealDMC-Echo2Charlie on Nov 29 2017, 7:05am

Didn't this thread happen not too long ago?
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Re: Flat Earth

Postby ToddSti1lluvsBacon on Nov 29 2017, 7:59am

Green-Echo4Legend wrote:Stop doing meth.

...another juggalo thread? IN B4 LOCK
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Re: Flat Earth

Postby llIlIChesterFieldllIll on Nov 29 2017, 8:26am

The Earth is flat, no proof is needed.
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Re: Flat Earth

Postby TheLost420 on Nov 29 2017, 8:59am

there is no proof that the earth is flat or round...
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