Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List [Updated wk8wr16]

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Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List [Updated wk8wr16]

Postby PandaGeorge on Jan 23 2014, 9:23am

updated up to week8wr16-

Season 3 has concluded

Damocles, also known as the Black Centurion, was a legendary and brave Roman centurion.

According to legend, he was the revered leader of a vast Roman army. However, during a massive battle, his commanders turned and abandoned him. Standing alone and outnumbered by the hundreds, Damocles was easily slain with a spear through the heart.

When he fell into the underworld, Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, was enraged at how the hero had been treated despite his bravery.

She permitted him to come back to the Earth as a vengeful spirit - a ghostly, undead, black-armored centurion who would hunt down and kill each of the generals who had wronged him.


Many Roman commanders carry a dagger with the image of Damocles on the scabbard, which serves as a reminder to always look after their men, or they would risk the Black Centurion returning from the dead to avenge their selfish mistakes

And so, now comes season 3 of the Rancor wars, and once again, our armies are plagued by soldiers who betray our war roster's trust. Inactive soldiers in a war is considered by most a severe betrayal. we've all heard the stories
"my phone died"
"power went out"
"i overslept"
"couldnt log on"
"my grandfather died"

so now, let us make the Damocles List, Let no inactive in war leave unseen to wreck havok in another clan.
if you find an inactive in war, post his name, war # , where and excuse.
write on their walls, " You belong to Damocles now"

we will consolidate a full list here so that WC from all clans can judge better who they let into their midst and who are they putting their trust

The Damocles List of Inactives
Name- Clan- date
1- Aby786 The forgotten fortress wk1 war 9

2- Mahox Lions 1/22/2014

3- S_MichaelEdwardDunmore_C -Lions 1/22

4- Os-Ace ancient prestige wk2wr1

5- -_____________- 2 times now epic elite 1/23 articles of confederation wk1wr16

6- xX-Mucky-Mucksterz-Xx solar-eclipse 1/23

7- IIII_CrAcKeRsHaMoUdAkI_IIII The lightning Strke 1/20

8 gunawansaputra the lightning strike 1/23

9- xapin anthems of our war-1/21

10- hades902 the thunder warriors 1/23

11-alliance maybillia the thunder warriors 1/23

12- xx-xx 2 times the thuderwarriors 1/23 les lapins cretins wk3wr10

13- ray47 4TH time!!! division 1 1/23 AND DiViNuM FuRoReM wk 1 war 9 , hard_kaw (late as hell at this party 2hr war wk1wr13 joined last 45) last at -H-A-W-K-S- wk2war2

14 eagle9999 name changed to IIIIKNOCKIIIIOUTIIIIKINGIIIIII 2 times inactive --imortal death dealers-- 1/23 -Bringers-of-Ragnarok- wk6wr4

15 someones-alt --imortal death dealers-- 1/23

16 -KING-_-NUGGET-_-THE-_-GREAT- Legends of sparta 1/22

17-lllllllllllllllllllsllllllll silver 1/22


19-kingp720 the umbrella corp. 1/21

20- lllDIllIEllIlMlllOllIllIlNllIl -H-A-W-K-S- WK2WAR2

21 IIIlllIIIlllIIIlllIIIllllIIlll the umbrella corp. 1/21

22 brotherking legionaries asylum 1/22

23- Koriboh the sweet escape 1/22 (my phone died)

24- M0nSteR_eNerGy DiViNuM FuRoReM wk1war9

25 Sash0909 2 times Division 1 wk1war9 Spartans of the under world wk3wr11( Dog got under her car, so she/he was late to war)

26- HeroLight Vikings in Pyjamas wk1 wr9 (btw, hitting 5 mins before end to prevent ending in 0 DOES NOT fool your clanmates0


28- killer23746284 warriors of the forgotten wk1 wr9


30 towbar chaos reborn dragon wk1 war9 (litreally statless)

31 epicfrog chaos reborn dragon wk1 wr9 ( literally statless)

32 WWMWMWMWMMMMWMMMWMWMWWWMWMMMMW (YEAH, I WROTE IT DOWN ALL!! bame changed to _________iGreen____________- Epic elite wk1wr9

33IlIBHoGIIlIIDRAGONllIlIBHoGIll now named _________________iNACTiVE_____ fIVE TIMES B2B!!! Ancient prestige wk1wr9 deadly maniacs war wk1wr10 chronos battlegrounds wk1wr13
and chronos battlegrounds wk1wr14 (arrived 35 mins late, proof on my wall too) Owwn wk1wr16

34 dantae7-ggg 2 times I-S-U-R-G-E-N-C-E wk1 wr9 steal elite war wk8wr15

35 Fishbreak Xtreme_cold_cash wk1wr9

36 VP_Pyro towers of Fail wk1 wr10

37 lIYEARSIl_lIOfIl_lIPARADISEIIl S.o.t.r.a. folkvagnr wk1wr9 ( he got drunk and lost his phone)

38 xXNamikzeXx The Forgotten Fortress wk1 wr 9

39- helwalayad the forgotten fortress wk1wr9

40 A_BUS-LOAD_OF-KIDZ ancient prestige wk1 wr8

41 _R_o_S_i_E_ rising hawks 1/20

42 Happy_Cow warriors of the forgotten wk1 wr10

43 iKiLL4R33L our clan wk1 wr10

44 Spain_Spy our clan wk1 wr10

45 Centok Warriors of the forgotten 1/22

46 Mythic_Assassin Minas morgul wk1war10 ( overslept, he arrived 30 mins late)

47 crtr2 2 times Ghost Squad wk1wr10 and 9 (Internet was down he said)

48- -IlIlI__DRAGONS_SLAYER__lIlIl- --formerly known as R0BlNH00D and IlXllIxIHELL_RAISERIxlIlXlI Dragons Sanctuary 1/22 AND 1/23 (overslept, arrived late to the wars) info confirmed with DS members

49- killer-boy 2 times now hard_kaw wk1wr13 and wk2wr2

50- ZE_ShadowsAlt_ZE HARD_kaw wk1wr13

51- Drastikx Mushroom Kingdom wk1 wr13

52- EYMEN2 Unbeknown wk1wr13

53 -Ohai- big trouble in little china wk1wr13

54- Dannygerous Ghost Legion wk1wr13

55- SunnyDawn Chronos Battlegrounds wk1war13

56 ZE_Shadow_ZE K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk1wr13

57 RayNWebb K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk1wr13

58 Jchouston xXDeath ShadowsXx wk1wr13

59 PapaIguana xXDeath ShadowsXx wk1wr13

60 XxLilxxGirlXxJelicsaXx EXMOOR--PIRATES wk1wr13

61 Huston88 changed name to LE__Spears88__VI Ghost Squad wk1wr13
trying to change name to fool new roster?
62 xXlIIlIBlackHawklllIIXx 2 times The golden angels wk1wr14 the lightning elite wk2wr4

63 _WARKILLER_ the golden angels wk1wr14

64 putuarisgunarta 2 times the golden angels wk1wr14 Roblox wk5wr11

65 MarkOfficial the golden angels wk1wr14

66 -Pogi- ReAnImAtEd AlLiAnCeS wk1wr14

67 Cute_Fluffy ReAnImAtEd AlLiAnCeS wk1wr14

68 Advisory 5 times chronos battlegrounds wk1wr14 X Factor wk2wr3 (full mith cast, but inactive, got a lot of mith but contributed nothing to the war) Ghost legion wk2 war14 s.o.t.r.a. folkvangr divinum furorem wk8wr14

69 Hotshots_Hansel chronos battlegrounds wk1wr14

70- -Dappy- SILVER wk1wr14 ( he gave up first update and left them hanging rest of 2 hrs)

71 Fox11 2 times Great_Wall wk1wr14 Taka wk6wr10

72 FrostyXXX Great_Wall wk1wr14 ( mithed up, but "duty calls, can t war now")

73 NEW NAME katen_kyokotsu prev known as Wingless_Epyon 2 times now Wingless Angels wk1wr14 zaft wk7wr16

74 conqueroar Wingless Angels wk1wr14

75 - -AlphaBacon- Hard_kaw wk1wr16

76 OMETOTCHIlI The_outcasts wk1war16

77Yonko 3 times --he claims kaw glitch(cast for one war and ended in another) and second time he says he was stabbed Spartans of the Underworld wk1wr16 wk2war9 Death Lncarnate wk6wr5

78 MrBadass123 Articles of confederation wk1wr16

79- coob_the_nooby_killer Legionaries Asylum wk2wr1

80- zephanmarc Legionaries Asylum wk2wr1


82 OMETOTCHTL1 I-N-S-U-R-G-E-N-C-E wk2wr1

83 moneyman782 I-N-S-U-R-G-E-N-C-E wk2wr1

84 I_am_who_I_am_2 I-N-S-U-R-G-E-N-C-E wk2wr1

85- iiidiiiott 2 times OPUS X wk2wr3 Roblox wk6wr3

86- Advisory repeat offender 68

87- DE___Predator___DE I-N-S-U-R-G-E-N-C-E wk2wr4

88 yashwanth the Sweet Escape wk2wr4

89 lITEARSIl_lIOfIl_lIPARADISEIIl La Resistance wk2wr4 (very late show up , was almost done)

90- Destroyer_kavi THE_13WARRIOR wk2wr5

91 --__J0RGe__-- Mini Mooncake wk2wr5

92 Kai_Sir LOS-War-Piggies wk2wr5

93 llWllAllRllAllLllBllAll formerly known as lllINDONESIAlll-lllWARRIORlll 4 times Divsion 1 wk2 war9 Great_wall wk4wr7 Perkutut army week5wr4 kings war wk7wr7

94 rocket89 Xx-TrollBros_Dark_Knights-Xx wl2war9

95 X-GRUNT-X Violence Incorporated wk2 war9

96 TFE_-Sexy-Goddess-_TFE the four elements wk2war9

97 ----__THE__KK__ARMY__---- Kreuzritter wk2war12 35 mins late to party( your my friend, but i have to be fair to everyone here)

98- llIBlllAlllDlllAlllSlllSlll the lightning elite wk2war12

99 llllllWickedllllll the lightning elite wk2war12

100 Vivrun 2 times Rising Hawks wk2war12, soul reapers reborn wk7wr9 love you still vivrun, but like i said, gotta be fair to all

101 ---kiLLy--- 2 times the lightning elite wk2war12 death Lncarante wk7wr5

102 reyjustine_172 2 times inactive half the war(info provided to me via pm) wk2 wr10 Division 1 wk3wr9

103- Pj2013 ______AChiEVeMEnt_____ wk2war11

104- SilentiumDZ Division 1 wk2war11

105- Weiss Anthem Of Our War wk2war11

106 fidodidoyou Xx-TrollBros_Dark_Knights-Xx wk2wr11

107 ImmaBanana-Dancing_In-Pajamas 2 times dragons sanctuary wk2wr8 La resistance wk6wr4

108 BaconBoy30 Dragons Paradise wk2war13

109- HOP__Lost_Commander__PH 2 times -Empire Rising- ek2war13, late arrival to war The lightining strike wk6wr9

110 xGx-Stiffler-xSx Lightning Elite ek2war13 activve till first koed in 2 hr war( 5 mins)

111- Delta 2 times inactive The Living Myth wk2war14 and wk3wr7

112 CDI__HaBaChEe__CDI _RCA_ wk2war14

113 llllIIIIllll-Liquid-llllllIlll LOTR inc wk2war16

114 NaT-Is-AwEsOmE S.O.T.R.A Folkvangr wk2wr16

115 Chinese Mini Mooncake wk3wr1

116 ZF-ZENlTHIAN XxDreamLandxX wk3war1

117 Os-_____lillFaLcOnIlil_____101 _RCA_ wk3wr1


119 lIIlSlIIlEIllIAllIILIIllslIlI Chaoes reborn dragon wk3wr1

120- 2zach54123 Violence Incorporated wk3war1

121- DieVexed Violence Incorporated wk3war1

122- 1234bilbo ---No Remorse--- wk3wr2

123 ER-Ruthless The living myth wk3wr2

124 its-my-bday the insane asylum wk3wr2

125- dunkinthemdonuts Angels E wk3 wr2

126 lucasser 2 times X-Factor wk3wr2 wk3wr10


128 HOP_TERminaTOR_PH 3 times mini Mooncake wk3wr3 Spartans of the Under World wk6wr7 ghost legion wk7wr3

129- fahoooode WALKER X.R wk3wr3

130- GR_YUUSEI_OW devils reborn wk3wr3 arrived 30 mins late to party, multiple walls of angry clanmates

131 killerx7907x 3 time offender Optimus Maximus wk3wr4 Violence incorporated wk5wr5 IIl-_'V'E'N'G'E'A'N'C'E'_-lIl wk5wr8

132 Jack_Daniels-Old_no_7 ALPHAMAN SCOTT MEMORIAL FIGHTERS wk3wr5


134 Black-TootH_GriN STATLESS ALT OF 1k cs cheater fill in ALPHAMAN SCOTT MEMORIAL FIGHTERS wk3wr5

135 RedSoloCup STATLESS ALT OF 1k cs cheater fill in ALPHAMAN SCOTT MEMORIAL FIGHTERS wk3wr5

136 IResetOnDaMoooseAgain STATLESS ALT OF 10k cs cheater fill in ALPHAMAN SCOTT MEMORIAL FIGHTERS wk3wr5

137 D-A 4 times now- Perkutut Army wk3wr5 Yama wk6wr8 D-A decided to stay inactive in war, and at last 5 mins when the enemy was losing( which was his main clan) he decided to xtal and feed, thus allowing the enemy to steal a victory udder madness wk7wr12 [same clan he defected on his treason, now not even there hes welcome] la resistance wk8wr6 late arrival

138 66sexy66 OurClan wk3wr5

139 lllllcoolkevinllllll Sicarius Noctis wk3wr5

140 CHUGBUG Sicarius Noctis STATLESS ALT OF 120k cs cheater fill in

141 mohamedshuman96 late arrival to war violence incorporated wk3wr5

142 Fissure V U L T U R E S wk3war5

143 sinicalholy Z.A.F.T wk3wr5 mithed up last 10 mins of war

numbers 144-155 and 1 from pardon list were the infamous war 6wk3, ive decided it is only Fair to not judge this war at all, give kaw has admitted that this war presented login issues, all names have been deleted even from my personal records, so even i wont remember nor pass unfair judgement. happy kawing

156 War_Rides_A_Red_horse -DeVaSt4TioN- wk3wr7

157 ImA_BaBy_MakER Chaos Reborn Dragon wk3wr7 STATLESS ALT OF 190k cs cheater fill in

158 Xx__AleX_LoVe__xX Walker X.R wk3wr7

159 Sir_AssKicker Furious and sexy wk3wr8

160- IlIScorpionKingIlI Mini Mooncake wk3wr8


162 ---RA_-l_M_M_O_R_T_A_L-__RA--- 2 times now La Resistance wk3wr8 -Elysium- wk7wr12

163- JAMMM_5_Th3_FamiLia S.O.T.R.A Folkvangr wk3wr9

165 rasTwain Division 1 wk3wr9

166- lxXxl__General__lxXxl WALKER X.R wk3wr9

167- HOP__Tabby__PILIPINAS 6 times xxDreamlandxx wk3wr9 lightning elite wk4wr5 ( very late arrival, confirmed via post in forum) hop-pilipinas wk6wr14 Kings war wk7wr3 death Lncarnate wk7wr13 (late arrival 25 mins left on clock and xtalled , confirmed by clan owner) devils reborn wk8wr3

168- Jah_Rasta K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk3 wr9

169 buchogizer WALKER X.R wk3wr9

170 Fluffy-Lil-Kitten346 WALKER X.R wk3wr9

171 lengjor WALKER X.R wk3wr9

172 matanater Mors te decet wk3wr10

173 xXx_Panthers2001_xXx Mors te decet wk3wr10

174 Qezzy33 the Forsaken Fortress wk3wr10

175 justinnbeast the Forsaken Fortress wk3wr10

176- actiontot Faith Battleground wk3wr10

177 jaiveer21 V U L T U R E S WK3WR10

178 bobobobobobob V U L T U R E S WK3WR10

179 Fiesty_banana V U L T U R E S WK3WR10

180- chefie 3 times Kreuzritter wk3wr11 ______AChiEVeMEnt_____ wk5w12 -i-n-s-t-i-n-c-t- wk8wr3

181 - -lAl-lNl-ICl-IIl-IEl-INl-ITl- ancient prestige wk3wr12

182- ---IIl-INI-ISI-lAI-INI-lEl--- The insane Asylum wk3wr13

183 IIlIl-_Vengeful_Reaper_-lIIll Minas Morgul wk3wr13 dog ate his charger

184 BIFF-IlCANNONlI-SE Udder madness wk3wr14 late arrival on 2 hr war

185 kickme The_13warrior wk3wr14

186 HoriX The_13warrior wk3wr14

187- xXx--NS--xXx 2 times _RCA_ wk3wr16 _RCA_ wk5wr1

188- III______N00B_____III Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty wk4wr1

189 gr8-lords_kingdom Chronos Battlegrounds wk4wr1

190 IlIlIl-Linkin-lIlIlI Mini Mooncake wk4wr1

191 lllBAR_aka_friteslllAAHlll Furious and Sexy wk4wr1

192 -ShadowHawk- Black Sails wk4wr1

193- nightrod999 Bloody Dragons Wars wk4wr1

194 ComandanteMichael Bloody Dragons Wars wk4wr1

195 x_SiR_2_YoU_x Articles of Confederation wk4wr1

196- clan paladin of death ( too many need to confirm them all ) wk4wr1

197 lIl-WaR_IlI-PADDY-lIl_LoR-IlI ---ANGELS-N-DEMONS--- wk4wr2

198 SO__Muzzamo__RA HGK RAW N DIRTY wk4wr2

199 muzza-1 .ALPHA EPSILON. wk4wr2

200 sauron_the_eye Bloody Dragons Wars wk4wr2


202 King__Cole_ K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk4wr2

203 XXXXX_M-A-C-K_XXXXX Bloodtorst wk4wr3

204 -xllSxIxLxVxExRllx- Bloodtorst wk4wr3 (3actions huge build)

205 Chucky_Doll Lightning Elite wk4wr3

206 ________God_Of_Life________ Bonnd's guys wk4wr3

207 mcneiljon Bonnd's guys wk4wr3

208 Holydarkblade 2 times +1 pardon Division 1 wk4wr3 ( once pardoned in Minas Morgul, now a repeat inactive) hop - pilipinas wk8wr14

209- unknown 3 times Kreuzritter wk4wr4 Ghost Legion wk6wr6 natural born killers wk6wr16

210 BaconWarfare 3 times _RCA_ wk4wr4 clean slate wk4wr16 Black Hand wk6wr6

211 xTJH _RCA_ wk4wr4

212 -XICIRIAIZIIIEIX- S.O.T.R.A Folkvangr wk4wr4

213 Nlk__xXDec3nT-_-Kill3RXx__HlL Blodtorst wk4wr4

214 Sigmus16 Looking-For-War wk4wr4

215 Appleseed X Factor wk4wr4 Extremely late arrival, 8 mins to end, used excuse that he was tanking all war



218- oOIlllAIIIUlllRIIIUlllMIIIlOo _RCA_ wk4wr5

219 MMl_-RI1YI1OI1NI1G-_MMl Great_wall wk4wr5

220- l-l-l_CrazyWolf_l-l-l K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk4wr6

221- pardoned

222- ll-SYLVER-PHOENIX-ll new name di-SYLVAN_PHOENIX-ib 3 times S.O.T.R.A Folkvangr wk4wr5 articles of confederation wk4wr15 Death incarnate wk6wr3

223- moneyman782 K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk4wr6

224 l-l-l_CrazyWolf_l-l-l K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk4wr6

225- -l_WAR_HYPER_l- VooDoo wk4wr6

226- repeated player #93

227- LukozadeFox ---ANGELS-N-DEMONS--- wk4wr8

228 -aintnobodymessingwithmyCLIQUE 2 times the Living Myth wk4wr8 La resistance wk7wr1

229- SotUW__REDRIPPER__SotUW Spartans of the under world wk4wr9

230- drake24 3 times now Battlegrounds wk4wr9 Chronos HQ wk6wr5 natural born guild hansels wk7wr12

231- redkillah Black Regiment wk4wr9

232 sandman0069 Black Regiment wk4wr9

233 Ima-Ace Black Regiment wk4wr9

234 SkittIes Black Sails wk4wr9

235 kartik1 the sweet escape wk4wr9

236 sexyfied_reVamped Wingless Angels wk4wr9

237 rasTwain Division 1 wk4wr9

238 repeated player 167

239 IXIGIXI_-ChugBug-_IXILIXI now known as CilxHilxUilxGilxBilxUilxG 3 times now Ghost legion wk4wr10 pillars of chaos wk7wr6 the living myth wk8wr2

240 SotUW__blue_n_ballzy__SotUW Spartans of the under world. wk4wr10

241 THE_TRANSFORMER_ Honorable discharge wk4wr10

242 pardoned

243 BECKETTB00M Paladins of death wk4wr10

244 IlIlIlI-accidentalfarming-IlIlIlI K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk4wr10

245- IIIIWllllOIIIILllllFIIII _23 and 1_ wk4wr10


247- -FEDX- udder madness wk4wr10

248 --vesta-- Narutoshippuden wk4wr11

249 dkzyuan 999 wk4wr11

250 CAMPT 3 times honorable discharge wk4wr12 Warriors Pride wk5wr12 deadend wk8wr15

251- oO_Ruler_Oo La resistance wk4wr13

252 -xXlIlBlythelIlXx- lightning elite wk4wr14

253 repeated #210

254 Ziggyrox3 honorable discharge wk4wr16

255- IceTigress Cheesy Monks wk5wr1

256 IIIIKINGDesireDragonIIII Minas Morgul wk5wr1

257 xXx--NS--xXx repeat offender 187

258 IllIlllIllIlIIIllIlllIIlllIIlI Zaft Eclipse wk5wr1

259 TWOAD-Davis-TWOAD Black hand wk5wr2

260 Bartuist Platinum Gods wk5wr2

261 lllllllll___Raider___lllllllll Platinum Gods wk5wr2

262 kdawg1 insane unknowns wk5wr2

263 -OW_Devil_WN- insane unknowns wk5wr2

264 CommanderFox The forsaken fortress wk5wr2

265 lllIllIl-TlTsMcGEE-lIllIllI Great_wall wl5wr3

266 HOP__Pure-2631-Love__PILIPINAS Great_wall wl5wr3

267- zzzzzzzzzchoass 2 times -Elysium- wk5wr3 late arrival, war was basically done, clan owner authorized add BAttlegrounds wk6wr3

268 blackvvidow Paladins of Death wk5wr4

269 chuba Great_wall wk5wr4

270 darkveider Irae Infinitus wk5wr6

271 Computern3rd Aspects of Death wk5wr6

272 WhackingBarrel Legends and Gods wk5wr6

273 ALH-llama-ALH 2 times Legends and Gods wk5wr6 War_mercs wk7wr2

274 HR-LORD-KATSUMOTO-YB-II-BH-II Irae Infinitus wk5wr8

275- MyNameIsYour2ndName The_Agency wk5wr8

276 MrDannyBoy420 Gnomeland Security wk5wr8

277- Jamy301 IIl-_'V'E'N'G'E'A'N'C'E'_-lIl wk5wr8

278 Mr_Crawley IIl-_'V'E'N'G'E'A'N'C'E'_-lIl wk5wr8

279 Nlk__xXDec3nT-_-Kill3RXx__HlL Ghost Legion wk5wr8

280- SR-Taeki-Kiseki mushroom kingdom wk5wr9

281- conqueroar -Kingdom Heartz- wk5wr9

282 -oxl0lxo_Mo8yC4n3_oxl0lxo- -Kingdom Heartz- wk5wr9

283 llxlllxllxllhunterllxllxlllxll kingdom of assassin wk5wr9

284 Delta Chronos Battlegrounds wk5wr9

285 --_Chierry_-- also known as Damocles 285- was indeed DTW all war10week5, player had 0 actions and was confirmed DTW for match chronos battlegrounds vs ---no remorse---. Player was put by mistake on damocles and now corrected`` Happy kawing

286 4S-Holly REbellious hearts wk5wr10

287 RealYourMyBoyBLue -DeVaSt4TioN- wk5wr11

288 SirAlfieBot 2 times ROBLOX wk5wr11 devils reborn wk7wr7

289 lll_Dark-Knight_lll _23 and 1_ wk5wr12

290 -ThirtyEight- -i-n-s-t-i-n-c-t- wk5wr12

291- SkythkidRS -the bar- wk5wr13

292 CoS-Delta -the bar- wk5wr13

293 _ThE-SaLTY_-C-_DoG_ Ghost legion wk5wr13

294 kingjunior3 THIS PLAYERS HAS BEEN INACTIVE 3 TIMES IN WEEK6 The croods wk5wr13 // _23 and 1_ wk6wr3 //Wild cards wk6wr12

295 lIlFINGERllMEIlRISINGllHAWKSlI No talent - no future wk5wr14

296 -jon2x- Blodtorst wk5wr12 Late arrival to party, 30 mins not mithed

297 Cribz-The-Berserker Furious and sexy wk5wr15

298 d_boss12 The croods wk5wr15

299 Iron_Dragon26 the croods wk5wr15

300 IlIl_I_DerangeD_I_IlIl Wingless Angels wk5wr16

301- IMMANE Udder madness wk5wr16 ( got pmed he arrived at very end of match)

302- doyoulikefishsticks 2 times Natural born winners wk6wr1 Ghost legion wk7wr2

303- puteraRizal Fazenda wk6wr1

304- Beastly911 Tvp--Or--War wk6wr1

305 steel97alt Tvp--Or--War wk6wr1

306 -JO- Tvp--Or--War wk6wr1

307 xXx_GOVERNOR_JOKOWI_xXx Tvp--Or--War wk6wr1

308 _K-E-I-S-H-A_ Tvp--Or--War wk6wr1

309 fzvs Tvp--Or--War wk6wr1

310 xXx_GENERAL_NAGA_BONAR_xXx Tvp--Or--War wk6wr1

311 raun Tvp--Or--War wk6wr1

312 Wingless-Tamil Wingless Angels wk6wr1

313 _______xXx-_-KanaK-_-xXx______ Mushroom Kingdom wk6wr1

314 xXx_PriNce-KeN_xXx Ghost Legion wk6wr1

315 ______lil-_-_-_mushroom-_-_-_- Mushroom Kingdom wk6wr2

316 Renamed02212014 Articles of confederation wk6wr2

317 VIII-XLI-M-I-N-A-T-O-VIII-XLI Irae infinitus wk6wr2

318 MiSsY kings war w6wr1 30 mins late to war9 (confirmed by pm)

319 pardoned

320 pardoned

321 pardoned

322 yashu11 Roblox wk6wr3

323 jay2646 Roblox wk6wr3

324 repeated 294

325- llIXlxIXIl_Infamous_IlXIxIXIll S.O.T.R.A Folkvangr wk6wr4

326 I--I-D-I-V-l-S-I-O-N-I--l- Division 1 wk6wr4

327 double posted, currently #107

328 IIIIKNOCKIIIIOUTIIIIKINGIIIIII -Bringers-of-Ragnarok- wk6wr4 ALSO KNOWN in damocles list as #14(early season inactive)

329- -------------------PlayFool--- Chronos HQ wk6wr5

330 zCinderellaz Dragons Sanctuary wk6wr5

331- lIIJIIlTIIl Wingless Angels wk6wr5 late arrival to war

332- -------ooo------- Clan A wk6wr5

333 FO_-PoCho-_TR Clan A wk6wr5

334- matanater -O.C.D- WK6WR6

335- l-l-l_TheBlueWolf_l-l-l DWM wk6wr6

336- warKiller-romaine Mortem Legiones wk6wr6

337- xXBringerllOfllLifeXx Die Schmiede der Kreuzritter wk6wr7

338- lll__Adi_l0v3Ch1cK3nR1c3__lll Phalanx wk6wr7

339- RM_Sparkles_RM Spartans of the Under World wk6wr7

340 di-SYLVAN_DRAGON_QU33N-ib 2 times Death Lncarnate wk6wr7 and wk6 wr11

341 _________________________ Devils reborn wk6wr7 extremely late arrival

342 B2B-skampi-B2B Faith Battleground wk6wr8 ( sorry bro, you are one of the good friends i have but i have to be fair to all)

if your looking for the infamous D-A he is #137

343- SotUW__Haiyan__SotUW Kings War wk6wr9

344 Ravenclaw_Erudite26 2 times i-n-s-t-i-n-c-t wk6wr9 the lightning strike wk6wr14

345- maxxene The lightining strike wk6wr9

346 __lIxIlRisA_3miLyllxlI________ Minas Morgul wk6wr9

347 _xXx_La_cHanzki3_xXx_ Wingless Angels wk6wr9

348- -pocha- BlaX wk6wr9, very late arrival to war

349-chestie Enlightened souls wk6wr10

350 NotTom wingless angels, late arrival wk6wr10

351 007____Bond____007 ---no remorse--- wk6wr10

352 loltytyty2 6 times 2 in wk6, 3 in wk7 Future of kaw wk6wr10 wild cards wk6wr12 War_mercs wk7wr5 war_mercs wk7wr9 war_mercs wk7wr10, unmithed, did actions at last 15 mins after crying on my wall he was "active" warmates of that war pm me to confirm the inactivities, future of kaw wk8wr5
wk6wr10 future of kaw vs TRC_tangra_trc
wk6w12 wild cards vs minas morgul
wk7wr5 mushroom kingdom vs war_mercs
wk7wr9 war_mercs vs mushroom kingdom
wk7wr10 war_mercs vx suf eb this one i walled him mid war the damocles msg, then he got active, warmates had already pm me he was inactive , then wouldnt shut up in cc
and he still walls me saying he's active in wars
* this was after his 6th inactive, and he keeps deleting my wall posts lol

353- hero__narutouzumaki the lightning strike wk6wr11

354 -HauntedHaze_Of_TheDevil- Tvp--or--war wk6wr11

355- IIIIIX___O-__-O___XIIIII Sovereign mafia wk6wr11

356 mikael1601 Sovereign mafia wk6wr11

357- JABESH section 20 wk6wr11

358- lll_coFFeeMaker_lll death Lncarnate wk6wr11

359- manoj10 HPS wk6wr11

360 IxI_________GRS_________IxI 2 times late arrival(22mins) @ kings war wk6wr12 Yama wk7wr8

361 lilil_ThundeR_BreakeR_lilil Warriors of virtue wk6wr12

362 MMl_-RI1YI1OI1NI1G-_MMl warriors of virtue wk6wr12 late arrival 20 mins left on clock

363 repeated 294

364 [color=red} RonMclovin 2 times [/color] ______AChiEVeMEnt_____ wk6wr12 Perkutut army wk8wr12

365 kavy_jaan_samiya Bad-Anon wk6wr12

366 SpecOps_DeathGroup_DarkAngel HEART-2-HEART REJUICED wk6wr12

367 DrakHammre ROSB wk6wr12

368 S__Silent-Ninja__R -bringers of ragnarok- wk6wr13

369 kev123456 Olympus has fallen wk6wr13

370 FaZe_Pammaj Olympus has fallen wk6wr13

371 __MaxPayne__ 4 times within 3 days Future of kaw wk6wr13 I-N-S-U-R-G-E-N-C-E WK6WR16 the_Outcasts wk7wr2
clearly this guy is doing this on purpose, its obvious... wk7war6 Night Hawk
Max, youve outdone yourself, gotta commemorate you even better

372- --swag 2 times Battle of the gods wk6wr14 xxX_miths_xXx wk8wr14 late arrival

373 ZEUS_SteelSWAT Battle of the gods wk6wr14

374 fox11 repeat offender 71

375- IiIlIiIliI-blaze-IiIlIiIliI Battlegrounds wk6 wr15 login error according to wall

376 --_--__--___-Shadow-___-__-_-- TRC_TANGRA_TRC wk6wr15 admits he was paid to be inactive in war, needless to say, the tangra clan is not happy with him

378 Lavathan the sweet escape wk6wr16

379 Aionios I-N-S-U-R-G-E-N-C-E WK6WR16

380 Arch_Angel_Maxolis IiI_NAVY-SEALS_IiI wk6wr16 this dude i walled when war was about to end, i took the ss of unmithed , then he inmedietly casted all 14 spells and said on my wall he was active and all---called his bs with screenie, he replied just " oh well" 0 actions 0 plunder BIG build

381 chaos_bruh IiI_NAVY-SEALS_IiI wk6wr16

382 d3r3d3vil K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk6wr16

383 chillirose -i-n-s-t-i-n-c-t- wk7wr1 , confirming via player wall with wake up msgs

384 -_-iAmResolved-_- Paladins of death wk7 wr1

385 SilentiumDZ Division 1 wk7wr1

386 illilliilIlIlIiiiiiIlilliliilI DiViNuM FuRoReM wk7 wr1

387 SIDELL7 spartans of the under world wk7wr1

388 GiHKingofBl00dGiH demons of rapture wk7wr1

389 MyNameIsYour2ndName demons of rapture wk7wr1

390 repeated 228

391- ALH-llama-ALH repeat offender 273

392 -Tagger- Taka wk7wr2

393 XxXRubyXxX Unbeknown wk7wr2 confirmed by pm no excuse given

wk7wr3 inactives are repeat offenders #167 and #128

394- IllIlllIMlIllIIlllllILIlllIIIl kotfe awakening wk7wr4

395- llllFurious_SeXy_Shelbyllll 2 times furious and sexy wk7wr4 wk7wr15

396 3lBandid0 2 times furious and sexy wk7wr4 wk7wr15 late arrival

397- KingKongKingdom mini mooncake wk7wr4

398- PoopleZ -WTF- wk7wr5

399- Gothic_Lass cherry Topping wk7wr5 ps not mithed

400- _DEMETER_ War_mercs wk7wr5

401 IllII-_Mjolnir_Reaper_-IIllI 2 times War_mercs wk7wr5 divinum furorem wk8wr14

402- DTH__IN73R_AAH__BAR Cherry topping wk7wr5 not mithed during war( need to see after report)

403- Bodski69 k.o.s wk7wr5

404- ---kiLLy--- repeated name 101

405- CambodianHD Future of kaw wk7wr5

406- jezclo18 Future of kaw wk7wr6

407- hunter_jr Empire Rising wk7 wr6

408- Elite77Ninja77 lord_of_the_rings wk7wr6

409 LOTR___KINGKILLER83___LOTR lord_of_the_rings wk7wr6

410- Luna_1810 War for us wk7wr7

411 l___RedHawk___l war for us wk7wr7 unmithed during war, ended with 5 actions

412 IID1II-_IImSASHwII_-IID1II Division 1 wk7wr8

413 demo-mode i-n-s-t-i-n-c-t wk7wr8

414 _____________________iGreen___ wk7wr8 inactive at frenzy, casted only to renew EE and went to sleep, according to his wall, his now clan target

415- MMI_NINJA_POISONER_MMI wk7wr8 -Devas4tion

416- uzy1996 the sweet escape wk7wr8

417- IiIiIiIi_darkknight_IiIiIiI I-N-S-U-R-G-E-N-C-E WK7WR9

418- Metallicana ghost legion wk7wr9

419- -l_WAR_HYPER_l- 2 times YAMA wk7wr9 furious and sexy wk7wr15

420 TERRA wk7wr9 Future of kaw

421 IIHIIAIINIIDII-of-IIGII0IIDII Meet the nice guys wk7wr9

422 X-GreatEmperor-X Wingless Angels wk7wr9

423 growler6 i-n-s-t-i-n-c-t wk7wr9

424- versa ghost legion wk7wr9 ( late arrival)

425 -Faris- ______AChiEVeMEnt_____ wk7wr9 (late arrival) was unmithed mid war when i took ss

426 Death_Punch K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk7wr10 did 1 hit at end to prevent ending at 0, i took ss

427- -Rainbow-Van-Man- Any given day wk7wr10

428- _RCA_Legolas Any given day wk7wr10

429- _BLADES___Your_Worst_Nightmare war_mercs wk7wr10 didnt war, felt it was mismatch but he was online

430- OMETOTCHTCKT spartans of the underworld wk7wr10

431- Eddarrenzio W.C.S wk7wr10 late arrival, then left again

432 HEARTLESS_NIGHT Narutoshippuden wk7wr11

433 AngleOfGod any given day wk7wr11 (was online, decided not to war, even walled me back when i walled the damocles msg)

434 llIBEERnBOOBSllII any given day wk7wr11

435- RaStAmOn_619 any given day wk7wr11

436 l__SunShine__l -devast4tion- wk7 wr11

437- -DOTA- royal order of the blue flame wk7 wr11

438- drake24 repeat offender 3 times now 230

439- diudiu 2 times warriors of virtue wk7wr12 ( late arrival, dropped from clan fear he will do it again)
ZAFT wl7wr15. late arrival again, guess warriors of virtue hit it straight in the nail with their assesment earlier

440- Evil_rising 2 times rawwrrr wk7wr12 late arrival, lots of hate on his wall, was asked in pm to add him future of kaw wk8wr12

441- Novelll articles of confederation wk7wr12 overslept war

442- IlIlI___xXxKiIlEmxXx___IlIlI articles of confederation wk7wr12 slept 3/4 of war

443- _T-Rex_ suf eb wk7wr12

444 kkaazzuuyyaa suf eb wk7wr12 very tough match , he walled me saying he could get a hit out opponents were too fast........i can vouch this one, i was the opposing clan, and yes we were very brutal, still no actions and got pm to have him added

445- ---RA_-l_M_M_O_R_T_A_L-__RA--- repeat offender 162 2 times now

446- sachina ROSB wk7wr12

447- dyamz ROSB wk7wr12

448- bush-_PiG udder madness wk7wr12 NOT WELCOME BACK AT UDDER MADNESS

449 TDsilencer dragons sanctuary wk7wr12 family problems

450- -OW_Dievexed_WN- 3 times i-n-s-u-r-g-e-n-c-e wk7wr13 future of kaw wk8wr1 Owwn wk8wr10

451 trawda12 any given day wk7wr13

452- masterio any given day wk7wr13

453- llllll_DaMNed-ASSASSIN_llllll any given day wk7wr13

454- FoxyFoxyness faith battleground wk7wr13

455- ---__Jansen_Gan__--- faith battleground wk7wr13

456- IllIlII-CHAOS-IlllllI the sweet escape wk7wr13 late late late arrival, TSE lost by 380mil, yeah, its his fault

lets see who thought the same

457- _Kirito_- natural born guild hansels wk7wr14

458- Balled 2 times future of kaw wk7wr15 -wtf- wk8wr2

459- klearin mini mooncake wk7wr15

460- Monty555 HPS wk7w15

461- llllFurious_SeXy_Shelbyllll repeat offender 395

462- 3lBandid0 repeat offender 396

463- ITlllllIIlIlIlIIIllIIIIIlllI rising hawks wk7wr15 late arrival, was unmithed till 15 mins after war started- came through still during the war

464 VannTon dragons sanctuary wk7wr15 was unmithed when checked 15 mins into war- late arrival

465- Matty-Chill 3 times 2on same day, you suck no talent - no future wk7wr15 was unmithed when checked 15 mins into war- late arrival IiI_NAVY-SEALS_IiI wk7wr16 Frenzy wk8wr10

466- Indiginous kings war wk7wr15 was unmithed when checked 15 mins into war- late arrival

467- rekiss2 2 times late for wars HPS wk7wr15 was unmithed when checked 15 mins into war- late arrival ninja world war 4 wk8wr7 late arrival

468- pardoned

469- llllIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk7wr16

470- Katen_Kyokotsu repeat offender 73

471- FaZe_Pammaj the part timers wk7wr16

472 silentninja19 the part timers wk7wr16

473- iDubster 2 times the part timers wk7wr16 future of kaw wk8wr2

474- wartlicker19 the part timers wk7wr16

475- IlIKIlIAIlILIlIEII late arrival kings war wk7wr16

476- MagicalUnicorn K R E U Z R I T T E R wk7wr16 late arrival, unmithed 15 mins into match


477- Yoh_Asakura enlightened souls wk8wr1

478- -MrWhyhitme- 2 times wingless angels wk8wr1 naturabl born guild hansels wk8wr9

479- -OW_Dievexed_WN- repeat offender 450

480 Shadslayer 3 times now future of kaw wk8wr1 wk8wr4 (started a few hits and left the game) P.P.A wk8wr6 same story

481 Blitz not inactive, just late both times _rca_ wk8wr1 did 6 hits and called it quits for rest of match, confirmed by pm by warmates slightly late arrival at natural born guild hansels wk8wr2, and still managed to get WR1, bravo dude

482- -_-BabyTiNa-_- kings war wk8wr1

483- -oixlXlA_T_0_MlXlxio- 2 offenses now battlegrounds wk8wr1 unmithed 15 mins in , late arrival, still managed to get good comeback, battlegrounds wk8wr5

484- Il_ICY-WolveRina_lI _rca_ wk8wr1 late arrival, very very late

485- -_-ZUES-_- natural born guild hansels wk8wr2

486- fruit_and_nutsssssssss natural born guild hansels wk8wr2

487- llHllAllNllDll-of-llGllOIlDll _starfleet_assassins_ wk8wr2

488 di-SYLVAN_STARLYGHT-ib warlor wk2wr8 also known as pardoned #11 chronos hq wk8wr5

489- _IDIOIMIIINIOI_ spartans of the under world wk8wr2

490- Vane93 K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk8wr2

491- VEXILLEance K.O.- WAR - P.E. wk8wr2

492- CilxHilxUilxGilxBilxUilxG repeat 3 time offender number 239

493- iDubster also know as 473

494- Balled also known as 458

495- RedHotVixen_MaCHiNE natural born guild hansels, wk8wr2 just a slightly late arrival, and she pulled her weight inmedietly still, rules are rules, and since she's my first mod to be on list heres something special

496- IIIx_HEAVENS_HAMMER_xIII minas morgul wk8wr3 wk7wr16 @chronos hq late arrival

497- ---Crazymartian--- future of kaw wk8wr3

498- DarthSaber88 spartans of the under world wk8wr3

499- viva007 ninja world war 4 wk8wr3 his wall suggest hes not there and players already telling him to come war----confirmed late arrival

500- 1337_JimboBaggins_1337 wingless angels wk8wr3 late arrival and still managed to get 4 koes and 11 in top plunder, helped secure the win at wingless angels, way to go!!!

501- IIIlIIlIIIIIlII ghost legion wk8wr3

502- chefie also known as 180 3 times inactive now

503- ikaw99 Z.A.F.T wk8wr3

504- willc27 Z.A.F.T wk8wr3

505- RaStAmOn_619 -wtf- wk8wr3 unmithed 23 mins into war

506- FLAMEWARRIOR13 wingless angels wk8wr3

507- HOP__Tabby__PILIPINAS also known as 167 5 times inactive now

508- Minaja -empire rising- wk8wr3 this one hurts me mainly because i respect minaja a lot, he taught me to fight ewars :cry:

509- IlINllI-lIlBIII-IIIGlIl-IllHII -elysium- wk8wr4
"That was accident,, got emergency that time friend car crush during drag racing, so i need to rush to go there,I go out my self in elysium, and ashamed on what happen last war. That was my first inactive on all the war i got,, and for the first time i'm so ashamed on my self that time, but real life first" respect bro

510 baboydagat mini mooncake wk8wr4 unmithed at beginning, rejoined war within 10 mins, just a late arrival

511- Jaggg mushroom kingdom wk8wr5

512- _-ElNino-_ future of kaw wk8wr5

513- AkobiAshi future of kaq kw8wr5

514- loltytyty2 on his 6th inactivity now damocles 352

515- Nr--The-Outlaw-Torn--Nr the arrogant clan. wk8wr5

516--oixlXlA_T_0_MlXlxio- also 483 2 times now

517- Redbourne chaos reborn dragon wk8wr5

518- Kermits-Minion chronos hq wk8wr5 he pmed me saying he was drunk and casted, he forgot about it and woke the next morning to the newsfeed full, he even thought he was farmed, hed totally forgotten he had casted for a war. respect for telling me bro, good luck next time

519- players at ninja world war 4 decided not to war this match and it was a clan decision, no penalties here since it was chosen as a clan wk8wr5

520- PoopleZ -wtf- wk8wr5 this is written on his wall by his clanmates "You let down your clan and cost them the war"

521- Revan501 P.P.A wk8wr5

522- -PPA--jweirdo--PPA- P.P.A wk8wr5

523- CHQ-_-KEISHA-_-CHQ chronos hq wk8wr5 late arrival

524- _WSVIE_ 2 times future of kaw wk8wr5 future of kaw wk8wr9

525- -LoneWolf- the living myth wk8wr5 late arrival

526- --DK-- holy vengeance wk8wr6

527- babymoney -i-n-s-t-i-n-c-t- wk8wr6

528- ILILIL__Deathwalker__ILILII chronos hq wk8wr6 got my doubts here if dtw

529- pittfan1978 slays war wk8wr6

530- IlIIlllIlIIIlSLAYIlllIIIlIlIlI slays war wk8wr6

531- Parallax mushroom kingdom wk8wr6 (im sure ive seen this name before here)

532- T___xUnDeAd_ReVoLuTioNx___R P.P.A wk8wr6

533- DarkJudgement P.P.A wk8wr6

534- FaZe_Pammaj future of kaw wk8wr6

535- lllllIIIllllllIIIlllllIIIlllll udder madness wk8wr6 late arrival

536- D-A also known as 137 4 times inactive/offenses

537-Jac i-n-s-u-r-g-e-n-c-e wk8wr6 late arrival

538- i-SYLVAN_STARLYGHT-ib also known as 428

539- shadslayer also known as 480 3 times now

540- nhojkcidgib__YEATHATSME future of kaq wk8wr6 late arrival

541- vX-_-THUMP3R-_-Xv Ninja world war 4 wk8wr7

542- DW-OEKO-DW IW WAR wk8wr7

543- conan18 death Lncarnate wk8wr7

544-_Benjamin_ minas morgul wk8wr7

545- Shakti-rj-the-destroyer- the rising warrior wk8wr7

546-rekiss2 also known as 467 2 times late

547- _Hmm_ the rising warrior wk8wr7

special mention indonesia warrior the 4 time inactive player has changed to llWllAllRllAllLllBllAll currently at warlor bulldogs, you cant escape the list by name changing

548- xGammar i-n-s-u-r-g-e-n-c-e wk8wr8

549- snafu-dan mini mooncake wk8wr8

550- 29072012 mini mooncake wk8wr8

551- pyrrhos ghost legion wk8wr8

552- Lordbondlord master-kaw wk8wr8

553- Lady_Eowyn_of_Meduseld master-kaw wk8wr8

554- _IIIIIiiiiiIIKIIiiiiiiIIIIIII_ master-kaw wk8wr8

555- Tomahawk master-kaw wk8wr8

556- Honda master-kaw wk8wr8

557- -StealthAssassin- master-kaw wk8wr8

558- Kings-BlackWidow master-kaw wk8wr8
----basically all the ps from master-kaw seemed to decide not to war, nobody told me anything here, just war record speaks for itself, half a clan warred the other didnt

559- YMM-_Crudus_-YMM P.P.A wk8wr8

560- Xx_ZhaoYun_xX natural born guild hansels wk8wr9

561 IIIlllIIIlllIIIllllIIIlllIIlll mordor wk8wr9

562- eth75 mordor wk8wr9

563- chiyin_dezcery fazenda wk8wr9

564- Mikayla3 fazenda wk8wr9

565- Saran-Krish Solve wk8wr9

566- TheDevilOfDoom solve wk8wr9 crap crap stats, most llikely dtw

567- xXx_NuclearWarhead_xXx - bringers-of-ragnarok- wk8wr9

568- ravenfade keepers of the forbidden realm wk8wr9

569-GindCorp keepers of the forbidden realm wk8wr9

570- xXx--MB--xXx the sweet escape wk8wr9

571- T0-C00L-F0R-THIS enlightened souls wk8wr9

572- ___MightyReds____ future of kaw wk8wr10 player decided on his own not to war this one

573- -x-bubbaray-x- future of kaw wk8wr10

574- _Parker_ Owwn wk8wr10

575- -OW_Dievexed_WN- repeat offender 3rd time 450

576- dRuNKenGoDDesS the chosen militia wk8wr10

577-illlllilil_C4M4R6U8_lilillllli the sweet escape wk8wr10

578- Matty-Chill and his alt Matty-Chilled both inactive @ Frenzy wk8wr10 repeat offender 465 3 times and wit his alt is 4 YOU SUCK



581- lllMlllAlllRlllTlllIlllNlll S.O.T.R.A Folkvangr wkwr10 player came forward to me and admitted his inactivity, his internet went down

582- Sonder natural born guild hansels wk8wr10 late arrival, i took ss of him unmithed already at 30 min clock, he arrived late, end of story

583- Jack_the_Cheese_Ripper I-N-S-U-R-G-E-N-C-E wk8wr10

584 IlINlII-lIlBIlI-lIlGIlI-IllHIl natural born guild hansels wk8wr10 late arrival , unmithed when took ss mid war

585- CarIa rebellious pride wk8wr11

586- Vass division 1 wk8wr11

587- Xx_The_Monkey_Man_xX natural born guild hansels wk8wr11

588- II-Tyger_Lilly-II W.P.A wk8wr11

589- advisory also known as 68 4 th time

590- SotUW__Haiyan__SotUW spartans of the under world wk8wr12( i think hes here before, need to check)

591- ronmclovin also known as 364 2nd time

592- Silver_Bullet s.o.t.r.a folkvangr wk8wr12

593- -75- future of kaw wk8wr12

594- evil_rising also know as damocles 440

595- IIIIIIIllIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIllIl W.P.A wk8wr12 late arrival, unmithed 17 mins into the match

596- _Diavolo_ perkutut army wk8wr12 late arrival umithed ss taken at 18 mins

597- ThePredator w.p.a wk8wr13

598- tyus28 future of kaw wk8wr13

599- llxII_MlNAS-xXx-MORGUL_IIxIl Faith battleground wk8wr13 late arrival

600- IDIlGIlUlIEIlRllIllLIILIlAlISI future of kaw wk8wr13 late arrival, he even laughed at it on my wall, no respect

601- WordsOfWisdom xXx_miths_xXx wk8wr14

602- iPoIle xXx_miths_xXx wk8wr14

603- Holydarkblade also repeat offender pardon player 4 and damocles 208

604- --swag also known as 372 late arrival

605- Newland_CASJ deadend wk8wr14

606- Mikayla3 Fazenda wk8wr14

607- vX-_-ICEBOX-_-Xv warlor wk8wr14

608- advisory also known as damocles 68 5th time 5th TIME!

609- IllII-_Mjolnir_Reaper_-IIllI also known as damocles 401

610- Frostmourne25 formidable fortresss wk8wr14

611- ____IllXx_wARRiORJaM_xXIll____ chornos HQ wk8wr15

612- dantae7-ggg also known as damocles 34 2nd time

613- NASTY_NATIV3 steal elite war wk8wr15

614- State_Courts-OoOSOoOGOoOROBOoO iw war wk8wr15

615- Heavenly-Warrior iw war wk8wr15

616- -_-AK_o0OOO0o_B_o0OOO0o_AR-_- iw war wk8wr15

617- IlIlIl-Linkin-lIlIlI -empire rising- wk8wr15

618- campt also known as damocles 250

619- IlSlPII-Nelsonator_420-IlSlPII -wtf- wk8wr15

620- Tyrr-Goddess-of-Justice 5 min late arrival according to plyaer la resistance wk8wr15

621- Gladiatorial-Megatron future of kaw wk8wr15 late arrival ss taken 35 mins into hour

622- longbow27 deadend wk8wr16

623- Desired_Effects ghost legion wk8wr16

624- xXllx_____Mr-_-MuRd3r___xXIIx keepers of the forbidden realm wk8wr16

625- IW-1_____1-ChRiS-1_____1-IW -bringers-of-ragnarok- wk8wr16

626- lllGlllAlllNlllJlllAlll natural born guild hansels wk8wr16

627- bobmonkey2000 the chosen militia wk8wr16 late arrival unmithed 20 mins in

628- Mr_Tubs udder madness wk8wr16 late arrival, unmithed 21 mins in

end of season 3
-------------- ---------------------------------------------
since it seems some are concerned about pinned inactivity, meaning dude gets completely dominated and cant get a single action out, we are having a new rule
5 votes of pardon from SAME war roster inactive was , gets out of list

OR single vote from Clan Owner

the Pardon list
1.Yuvi0121 - Hard_kaw 1/23

2. 0MET0TCHTJOE S.o.t.r.a folkvagnr wk1wr9 (Sotra stands by the honor of their clanmate)

3. IlIlISlIclIolItIltlIyIlGlIlIl the umbrella corp. 1/21

4 Holydarkblade -Minas morgul 1/22

5 -__OU812__ monster war 1/23 (clan owner confirms, dtw all war not inactive at all

6- -SIHIN- Division 1 wk3wr1 pardorned by clan owner- reason " players father died"

7- Zattera I-N-S-U-R-G-E-N-C-E WK4WR10 pardoned by clan owner, it was his first war and vowed to never be inactive again

8- reddragonbld OWWN wk4wr6 single vote clan owner pardon , clan owner rallies for on behalf of him as a great warrior, and his inactivity is due to power outage thanks to the blizzard is confirmed

9 IIxII_MINAS-xXx-MORGUL_IIxII minas morgul wk5wr14 single vote clan owner

10 SO__The-GREAT-WANGDANGLER__RA Death incarnate wk6wr3 pardon single vote by Di clan owner

11 di-SYLVAN_STARLYGHT-ib Death incarnate wk6wr3 pardon single vote by Di clan owner

12 _xXAoCXx_Angel_xXAoCXx_ Death incarnate wk6wr3 pardon single vote by Di clan owner

13- SPL_PlayPianoWithCow minas morgul wk6wr5 late arrival 5 mins, login issue clan owner pardon

14- Mikhailas minas morgul wk6wr5 late arrival 5 mins, login issue clan owner pardon

15- Adonis-ICE wk7wr13 natural born guild hansels clan owner[Rulerz-KRAYZEE_K1NG-Rulerz] single pardon vote
I pardon adonis-ice...I stand by the honor of my clanmate and friend." he admitted that for the first time he overslept 20 mins and tried his best

16 lllMlllAlllRlllTlllIlllNlll no talent - no future wk7wr15 was unmithed when checked 15 mins into war- late arrival 5 votes warmates pardoned

and to all inactives thinking you can get away with it
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Re: Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List

Postby BARC0DE on Jan 23 2014, 9:29am

I like the idea. I think devs should make an achievement for inactives. One that stays on their profile page like a mith spell. As a mark of shame
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Re: Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List

Postby lIxII_MINAS-xXx-MORGUL_IlxIl on Jan 23 2014, 9:31am

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Re: Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List

Postby DragonKingAcnologia on Jan 23 2014, 9:32am

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Re: Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List

Postby lIIlIllI___PARSFAN___lIlIlIIl on Jan 23 2014, 9:32am

Great idea n loved that little history lesson
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Re: Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List

Postby -Septentrio- on Jan 23 2014, 9:33am

Nice idea totally wrong historical context but the idea of an inactives list is good .
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Re: Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List

Postby impossibility on Jan 23 2014, 9:38am

Support! It's about time. Do something about it- standby your comp. Call your Neighbour. Send the kids to the babysitter and have a standby. This is war!
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Re: Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List

Postby PandaGeorge on Jan 23 2014, 11:27am

List will be updated on a daily basis. Will appreciate if the word spreads out and start spotting and posting inactives in the replies
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Re: Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List

Postby I______BIG-BOOM______I on Jan 23 2014, 11:29am
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Re: Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List

Postby BigDaddyShameless on Jan 23 2014, 12:14pm

Very interesting concept. Things happen that become out of our control, but I've said it time and again if you're not 100% sure you can commit to the war you asked for do not cast for it. Inactives in war just outright blows. Support.
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