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Transferring between iDevice & Droid/Kindle

Postby Wulf on Jul 22 2012, 12:43pm


Link the Droid/Kindle to Facebook using the steps outlined above.
Link the iDevice to the SAME Facebook using the steps outlined above.
Now the Account will be accessible from all Devices (Facebook, Droid/Kindle, and iDevice)

To Complete the transfer send Feedback from the Device(s) you want de-linked.
For example if you want the account to be on your Kindle only then send the following Feedbacks:
Click Feedback on PC and say: Please unlink this account from my Facebook and make it accessible from my Kindle only.
Click Feedback on iDevice and say: Please unlink this account from my iDevice and make it accessible from my Kindle only.

If that all feels too Complicated you must ask the Developers to make the transfer:
eMail Device_Transfer@AThihnkingApe.com to make the request.

Give them a great deal of detail as to what you want done to ensure there are no misunderstandings in what you desire.
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Postby Wulf on Dec 4 2012, 8:10pm

A Thinking Ape does not recognize the transfer of Accounts to other persons.
You may not purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, or offer to purchase, sell, gift, or trade any Account, and any such attempt shall be null and void and may result in the forfeiture of your Account.
Asking anyone to engage in account buying, selling, or trading in forums or in game (even in PM) is a violation of the terms of use.

People choosing to ignore the above assume 100% of the risk for their actions. ATA does not have to assist with account sales gone bad nor are they liable in any way for financial losses resulting from the sale/gifting of accounts or actions taken against accounts after they are sold/gifted.
The verbage of the Terms of Use on this matter is intentionally strong in order to cover extreme cases. The developers are not interested in "hunting down" accounts that were sold or traded. They just want to make clear that they are not to be expected to support issues resulting from this activity.

WARNING: Your UDID is considers personal information. Providing others with your UDID or asking others for their UDID is against ATA's terms of use as well as Apple's terms of use. ANYONE asking for your UDID and promising special "in game services" in exchange for it is trying to steal your account. Block these users and report them immediately to a moderator or to Support@AThinkingApe.com.
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Re: ♔ Account Information (Transfer/Linking/Rules) ♔

Postby DJ-ROCK on Dec 4 2012, 8:38pm

Wow it really is a move to counter what was done to troll it seems. Sad. I hope that since they went this far that they unban troll. I dont wanna start a riot or even a debate. Don't ban me devs. I just miss my friend:( and all because he bought a tainted account:( damn you tbj you cheater
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Re: ♔ Account Information (Transfer/Linking/Rules) ♔

Postby Argosta on Dec 9 2012, 2:11am

oooh TROLL!!!! i wonder where he went!!!!
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Re: ♔ Account Information (Transfer/Linking/Rules) ♔

Postby *UK--DiRtYwOrK-- (01) on Dec 14 2012, 6:24am

id like to transfer my account uk--humpstaa--, perm items, xstals, nobs, speakers, etc...mainly the perm items, to UK--DiRtYwOrK--. i send emails regarding why. thanks alot for all your help
*UK--DiRtYwOrK-- (01)
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Re: ♔ Account Information (Transfer/Linking/Rules) ♔

Postby Sakgnea on Dec 19 2012, 9:34pm

Can ya link/sync idevice and android? Or is it transfer only ?
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Re: ♔ Account Information (Transfer/Linking/Rules) ♔

Postby Xx-Ian-xX on Dec 20 2012, 6:06pm

Ok sweet
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Re: ♔ Account Information (Transfer/Linking/Rules) ♔

Postby *Kingsrooks (01) on Dec 23 2012, 7:50am

I tried to send an email to the transfer service but it failed. Is there another i can send to
*Kingsrooks (01)
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Re: ♔ Account Information (Transfer/Linking/Rules) ♔

Postby -DaveStrider- on Dec 25 2012, 8:02am

Bump for a question
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Re: ♔ Account Information (Transfer/Linking/Rules) ♔

Postby *reconscouts (01) on Dec 27 2012, 8:11am

if my android from my account is broke and my original account was on there not linked to facebook how do i transfer it to new android
*reconscouts (01)
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