Word Chat Posting crime??

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Re: Word Chat Posting crime??

Postby iZombieJT on Apr 22 2019, 9:36am

Actually this time I agree with the Mods on the Silence part, Imo I will consider it Spam on wc.. IMO only Happy Kawing all️
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Re: Word Chat Posting crime??

Postby Seth on Apr 22 2019, 9:47am

NPK, you're just some person looking to get a reaction.

It's sad that it's working.

Stop pushing it, you'll get perm silenced, then you won't be able to post all about how gold take is at 0.0000001%

Oh wait, that number is wrong. Let me change it about 400 times until I finally listen to the people who know what they're talking about and get it right.
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Re: Word Chat Posting crime??

Postby llWaRll_LURK1NG-T3RR0R_llLoRll on Apr 22 2019, 10:45am

Quit kaw if its too much for ya
Your problem remains an opinion until proven with facts and figures.
However the dev/mod/your mother or whoever sent you the formula actually has smth to back himself up.

And we will be more than happy to believe you if you have concrete evidence..+ devs created the mechanics..unless they are behind a *MAJOR* Scam..idk y they would lie abt the figures..

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Re: Word Chat Posting crime??

Postby Dave on Apr 22 2019, 2:02pm

Locked, If you have an issue with any of the moderators please send feedback and not post in public forums.
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