Look what I found

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Re: Look what I found

Postby LadyTyphoid on Apr 20 2019, 4:41pm

One-BaDaSs_PaiN-In_Ur-AsS_LiLi wrote:Close ups can't hide the rolls no more #doublechins

I always figured Typhoid was a lil' pudgy given her overcompensation

Grow a pair and post on your main. Do you feel inferior to my beauty and godessness. Everyone else does so it's ok. I'm use to it.
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Re: Look what I found

Postby Valkyrie-IV on Apr 20 2019, 4:53pm

Hadrians_TCW_Nightmare wrote:What change of heart? I always feel like this. Oh noes. Not all my allies. I get stripped at the time bruv. What does that have to do with personal appearance? You attacked my kingdom. Cool.
I'm talking about girls being witches to each other about their faces and bodies.
Think your points been made moot, kiddo.
Furthermore, you dork, I was awake and chatting when you bought my allies and you know it lol.

Oh yeah I do know it, applied to your clan soon after and you were crying in cc about it, how could I forget.

Edit: Low stat account, loves the work dork, has <1 account activity badge. You must be a Salty/Roni alt.
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Re: Look what I found

Postby Hadrians_TCW_Nightmare on Apr 20 2019, 4:58pm

Lol I wasn't crying. I was laughing about it. I get stripped weekly mate, it's immaterial. Your name was never mentioned and you were still accepted. I didn't have to let that happen. I wanted some friendly smack talk, I got it. No worse for it, are we? Was a nice introduction for us. I enjoy a little bicker *wink*
Btw, I'm only Bobs alt. I'm too well spoken for that lot lol.
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