What has brought you back to KAW?

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What has brought you back to KAW?

Postby VAMPY on Dec 30 2018, 8:28pm

My Past Experience with Kaw

Over the years my time on Kaw has been a love hate relationship, I have quit continuously since I have made my account and the last two years I have spent more money on Kaw than I'd like to admit to myself...
I quit because I lost interest in the game, the clan I was in stopped talking in clan chat, and the epic battles became way too repetitive and boring. For a number of reasons I have found my self not playing Kaw for weeks or even months at a time.

I would war here and there, I would jump from clan to clan to find THE clan that I wanted to stay in and potentially Perm in.

Eventually I grew bored of Kaw and quit.

I Find Myself Back Here

Every time I come back to Kaw it has been for many different reasons; people, events, and NEW updates on Kaw (good or bad). There are a number of things on Kaw that have brought me back. It will sound cheesy, but the friends that I made when I first began my Kaw journey and my friends that I have made more recently are the main reasons why I have always returned to KAw.

I have friends from when I just started Kaw and their name have stuck with me throughout my time spent on Kaw. I have never once forgotten those important friends who taught me how to play Kaw, who showed me how fun having a family was like with a group of people.
The clans that took Vampy Noob in and taught me the basics of hitting an epic battle, the beginning of my jumping days as a Merc, and my days in OSW clans, that showed me what real leaders looked like. I can honestly say that I cherish those memories of what Kaw had shown me in my early Kaw days.

My Roots on Kaw

    Mythica Hellraisers
    Zodiac Elite
    Second Echelon
    Chaos Reborn

The Players who Impacted my Kawlife ;P

    PirateAceReborn MH-LuckySteve
    daywrecker ArmorBEARer
    Cahuck Evoxee
    -BRICKK- x_x xXxOUT_dmd8060_LAWZxXx
    Gianna edongsky
    -_-HkM_Angry_Buffalo_HkM-_- -Rorin-
    KI-FireAnt-KI _Lady_atalaya_
    llll-KDM-PRINCESS165-llll cenobite
    __AnnaVicious__ Deadly_Dunk
    xXx__Eggie__xXx Zart
    Krakkerz Parallax KOS
    Lady_DraGonFLy-TS tongan1
    iNomeBoii Lady_Kahlia
    _Sapphyre_Blu_ L3G3ND_Z3R0
    oO0-_-SUPERSILLYNUTZ-_-0Oo --CF_Bones_CF--
    VR-_-Convict-_-VR Devilish_tuna
    _PowerKnight_ SWAG ____II_CATs_claws__ll___

Current friends who have brought me back to Kaw, thanks.

The Realization of the Importance of Friends

I came back to Kaw because I had a group of people that I truly missed. For all the times that I have quit/rejoined Kaw I have always had a group of people that I genuinely enjoyed being around.

Most of the people that I have listed above I have not talked to or seen for a while. They are all the people I got really close to when I first started Kaw. I would talk to them almost every day, and enjoy the clan hopping and learning the basics of Kaw.

Wherever my old friends might be, they have impacted my experience on Kaw from the beginning. For that reason alone,I have always returned back to Kaw, to grow, socialize and enjoy what Kaw has provided for me. A fun platform to meet new people and learn how to play a game that I subconsciously enjoy. I know... sappy right? :roll: but true. :lol:

Obviously Kaw has changed a lot over the past couple of years, but even so, I have continued to meet amazing people and occasionally enjoy the different updates.

I hope you also post your reasoning for returning to Kaw. You aren't a true Kawer if you haven't taken at least 20 breaks (rage quits) from Kaw :D

Thanks for reading, and I am looking forward to your responses.

Why have You come Back to Kaw?

    New Events

Is there a main reason that pulls you to return to a game that these days people seem to have nothing but complaints about? There seems to always be some excuse or some complaint to why people don't like Kaw, yet people are still on the game and people are still spending money maybe not as much, but there are still people who spend on Kaw. :mrgreen:
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Re: What has brought you back to KAW?

Postby Ledgic on Dec 30 2018, 11:00pm

I can’t quit kaw because kawcaine too strong  I need help!
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Re: What has brought you back to KAW?

Postby StealthGoat on Dec 30 2018, 11:16pm

Hi Vampy, I love the MH shout out 

I stay on KaW because of...well, MH, and because I just love the repetitiveness. I’m a very dull individual 
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Re: What has brought you back to KAW?

Postby Drgn on Dec 30 2018, 11:31pm

Sure, I’m not afraid to admit I’ve rage quit a few times. Not sure exactly why I keep coming back though. I used to think KaW was an escape, I could log in, chat with my friends, unload on blue piggies, or even post in the forums, but things just sort of.. changed. Not so much the game I don’t think, KaW will always be KaW no matter what the devs decide to do with it. I think for the most part I changed. I got bored. I got tired of the same routine. KaW no longer felt like an escape but a monotonous cycle of asshats and depravity. I’m sure most of that comes from being a mod a dealing with far more of it than the average player..

But I always find my way back here nevertheless. My old friends, those I played with for several years have all either left or don’t give me the time of day anymore. Sometimes it be like that though. The last time I quit I decided I wasn’t going to come back, but I logged in anyway and decided to join an HtE clan and grow a bit. There I met I would have to say my best friend, who has brought some spark back to KaW for me. I enjoy jumping clans during events with her, giving her a hard time in cc and allies chat and occasionally world chat. She brings a smile to my face and makes KaW worth playing again.

Thanks hun. I appreciate you and everything you do.
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Re: What has brought you back to KAW?

Postby Brainiac_Tribute on Dec 31 2018, 12:14am

I usually quit when my life is too busy because of work or school and I can't put the game down because I have no willpower. I come back because I can always find a group of people I can laugh with and work towards a common goal with (even if it's a dumb eb goal). I also really like helping out new players when I can so sometimes I'll just set aside a full week to merc for struggling low-level clans
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Re: What has brought you back to KAW?

Postby AutoBot on Dec 31 2018, 12:52am

The people on this game.
Shoutout to Worms 
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Re: What has brought you back to KAW?

Postby __LaDyAsHx__ on Dec 31 2018, 2:42am

My KAW family and the War.
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Re: What has brought you back to KAW?

Postby IITaP-LoNeRoSe-OuTII on Dec 31 2018, 5:06am

I've had an incredible journey thru KaW these last 6yrs. I always come back after many noob rage quits for the ppl in this game. I've met a lot of very cool friggin ppl in this game and I'm actually friends with a few of em on fb. It's just a social thing for me really, but it's nice to have cool ppl to chit chat over nothing and slay a monster or lay in to someone if need be.

Great Thread Vampy! Kiss :*
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Re: What has brought you back to KAW?

Postby AIexandria on Dec 31 2018, 6:08am

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Re: What has brought you back to KAW?

Postby IIlIlIl_KALI_IlIllll on Dec 31 2018, 7:00am

Honestly I can say through the years I have rage quit a few times but what has always brought me back are the friends that I have made on this game. I think the game has changed so much over the years that most of us who started 6-7 years ago are now just playing for the true friendships we have made during that time.

Good thread vampy will be interesting to see what the common theme is as to why people either continue to pay or what brings them back
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