New eb guide?

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New eb guide?

Postby DeltaForceGM01 on Nov 24 2018, 8:18am

Has anyone made a guide for the new eb yet?
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Re: New eb guide?

Postby OG_DirtyLarry on Nov 24 2018, 10:02am

No support
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Re: New eb guide?

Postby SV_H1DD3NL34F_AC on Nov 25 2018, 7:19am

I don't see one, but phase 2 requires Ice Paralysis and phase 3 requires Holy Wrath.
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Re: New eb guide?

Postby KaWidow on Nov 25 2018, 10:59am

Eschaton, the Cataclysm (Crushing)
Ph1 - bells x2 to open
Ph2 [1] Attk/assas 66k
[2] Item ice paralysis 50k
[3] Attk/Assas 82.5k
Ph3 @ 75%
[1] Attk/assas 66k
[2] item holy wrath 75k
[3] Attk/Assas 88k
Ph4 @35%
[1] Attk/Assas 99k
[2] Attk/Assas 137.5k
[3] Stl 60.5k
Attk/Assas MB to 0%
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