new update sucks.

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Re: new update sucks.

Postby lIlIlIlILlIlIOlIlIWlIlIlIlI on Oct 19 2018, 3:44am

I love it. Finally im able again to play kaw with my old iPhone 4S.
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Re: new update sucks.

Postby gray-ts on Oct 19 2018, 3:51am

Got a 7 plus.

Love how small everything is. Really relaxes my eyes
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Re: new update sucks.

Postby -DARK-SPY- on Oct 19 2018, 6:28am

Not a fan of new update. What’s the point in everything being smaller when we have such large screens.
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Re: new update sucks.

Postby DevilsTriangle on Oct 19 2018, 6:41am

I don’t really play this game so I don’t see a reason to update
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Re: new update sucks.

Postby Silph on Oct 19 2018, 10:49am

New kaw update is a backward step. Players should not have to strain eyes to read text.
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Re: new update sucks.

Postby Willy_Ebenezer-McFearsome on Oct 19 2018, 6:25pm

Yup, and with today’s update for iOS, I can’t access kaw on my phone.
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Re: new update sucks.

Postby s0cky on Oct 19 2018, 6:51pm

Not working too good on ipad .. Cant pm or trade.. Put it bat to how it was
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Re: new update sucks.

Postby McDreamy on Oct 19 2018, 8:00pm

I have an iPhone 7plus and I am legit getting a headache having to squint to see the text. I find myself even missing the buttons because of how small the button placements are.
I hate this update. I’ll try an deal with it though.
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Re: new update sucks.

Postby StealthGoat on Oct 19 2018, 10:40pm

It ain’t that bad, but I’m younger I suppose  only thing that I really don’t care for is the small size of the buttons in the attack, scout, steal, assassinate, item menu.
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Re: new update sucks.

Postby Queen on Oct 20 2018, 12:14am

I’m having to squint. This interface is ridiculous. Please change it back
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