Money pit

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Re: Money pit

Postby WickedWitchofTheWest on Oct 1 2018, 6:23am

Predator wrote:Death was warned. Several times before kicked. It's even on clan page. Disrespect towards admin results in kick. It's not the clans fault he didn't stop, it's his own. The morale of this story... If your gonna disobey the rules and not stop when warned several times then you've got no right to cry like a baby about it. Cry a river then build a bridge and get the hell over it

It’s so funny ... I was just telling Ajax the same thing the other day ...
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Re: Money pit

Postby illIIlIHOLYIlIIlDOMOIlIlIIi on Oct 1 2018, 7:01am

Rules are rules.
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Re: Money pit

Postby DymBot on Oct 10 2018, 5:18am

No support
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Re: Money pit

Postby DevilsTriangle on Oct 10 2018, 7:25am

Cool story ...
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