best farms?

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Re: best farms?

Postby Caedis on Jun 11 2018, 4:17am

Kasama wrote:Woah so anyone over 10K posts is a try hard?

Oh no, rip Top ~50 of the Forum Leaderboard

I’m pretty sure being on the Top 50 LB of anything is the definition of being a try-hard, buddy.

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Re: best farms?

Postby Kakashi37 on Jun 11 2018, 4:50am

Anyone in Apocalypse
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Re: best farms?

Postby Majin_Venom on Jun 11 2018, 10:34am

Thank you for letting know about "Tobit" now I guess I was right, I ways believe that Rising Hawks where Bots.. Who wins more than 65 matches in a row  but i knew some SH that where members of RH... So they weren't or where they lol

On another thread, devs should release Big Bots similar to a LB and you could war against Him.. Or a 5 vs 5. 5 real people vs 5 computer controlled players

This will be the future of Kaw...
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