The same old song

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Re: The same old song

Postby Stacy_P on Jun 7 2018, 8:41am

Kasama wrote:blow that whistle, you little kettle

Posting messages or engaging in actions that discriminate, promote hate, violence, or advocate hatred or discrimination against individuals, groups, races, cultures, or organizations.
This would be what’s happening to me. I’ll explain why. I’m presently on a 7 day silence from a banter session in wc with Drgn. Cool dude. Like to banter with him and he likes it also. It Doesn’t involve any other Mod at this point in time, meaning it’s not pointed at anyone else with a green name. We have forged a type of friendship over this present silence. He even wrote a letter to the support team to try to get it reversed. He didn’t think my post was a silencable offense and that I shouldn’t have been. Actually Drgn had this to say, ( sorry after all these years I still can’t figure how to post screenshots....on the Domo scale I just suck)
“Nooope. I saw it, but didn’t think it was silencable. We might disagree most of the time, but I’m not actually out to get you.” Said Drgn after I asked if he silenced me. Let’s examine the last part. “I’m not actually out to get you”. He is not but that statement shows someone is. He even said, “I submitted a request, no guarantees but we’ll see how it goes. Besides, if I was truly offended I would have unfollowed you a long time ago.” Drgn is trying to help.

Drgn wrote a request and so did I. It took over 30 hrs after the first help ticket was posted. This would be the response, “Thanks for writing in. We have checked our records and determined that your silence is valid. Please note that you can be silenced for anything that we determine to be inappropriate in our public channels. Our public channels are: world chat, walls and status messages.”
Yeah that is a huge gray blanket. “Anything that we determine”
This is what the actually mind you it’s not offensive, it’s basically the same as the “ those damn Canadians” type of post. I’ll even put a disclaimer...please take heed of this warning this post is not for the weak, anyone with heart problems, and young of mind. If support can post it to me then it should be ok.
You said "I think drgn has been diagnosed with adulthood autism....or he hasn’t taken his pills" on world chat. This is what a Mod thinks is a silencable offense and actually Drgn said it was a great burn.

This is where the harassment comes into play. I’m an being harassed by a Mod. I’m getting silenced for things that the favorites will not be punished for. I’m infamous. I like to troll. I like the banter that I can create. It’s a game and I play it my way. Picking and choosing who to silence for non silencable offenses and targeting certain players falls under harassment and abuse of powers. If you wouldn’t silence your friends for it then you can’t silence your enemies for the same.
“ Anything we determine” could have you silenced for your political, religious views, hobbies, and good ole American fun. Those damn Canadians could push the crazy radical button and do so.
In the past there has been plenty of threads trying to prove the abuse of power by the Mods. I think this one really points this out. This isn’t a rage rant piece but more of a informative documentary of the life as a harassed player in kaw. Please feel free to post your views and comments of events that happened to you. Please stay on topic. I only want the topic at hand.


Actually I did get your point Domo, but you said here that after submitting a ticket they reviewed it and found your silence valid! So you saying its just a mod picking on you and wasnt breaking tou obviously is not what kaw felt or they would of overturned it if they felt it wasn't a valid silence.

Also yes mods can use their discretion in who they silence within the guidelines but I'd say thats kinda like a police officer that may pull me over for speeding and write me a ticket but not pull over the guy speeding beside me or could pull over both, it is as well to his discrection, correct. But just because the officer didn't pull over the other person does not mean I was not deserving of the ticket I received for speeding.

Again not putting yourself in the position of being silenced is the best solution, and you'll have no issues!

Also, if you don't won't opinions on the thread then probably best not to make one!

Hope you have a wonderful day, and again please tell Gus, Taz and them all at AOD hello for me, I do need to come visit soon! :)
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Re: The same old song

Postby illIIlIHOLYIlIIlDOMOIlIlIIi on Jun 7 2018, 9:22am

Again if it broke tou then it still wouldn’t be in this thread. Correct ?
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Re: The same old song

Postby ________G_D_M_F_S_O_B_____ on Jun 7 2018, 9:48am

illIIlIHOLYIlIIlDOMOIlIlIIi wrote:Again if it broke tou then it still wouldn’t be in this thread. Correct ?

Depends whom(mod) thats reads it, been thru the same thing myself. It all comes to who you are and if that mod likes you or not.i called a whole clan cheaters in forums and didnt get silenced but when i said it in wc i got silenced tho i didnt meantion the name, the mod "asumed" i was talking about a person.Some get a warning in wc that they breaking tou(friends). Some just get silenced for most silly things.
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Re: The same old song

Postby Stacy_P on Jun 7 2018, 9:55am

illIIlIHOLYIlIIlDOMOIlIlIIi wrote:Again if it broke tou then it still wouldn’t be in this thread. Correct ?

I would say its because the context of the posts. In wc when silenced you have said you were bantering with Drgn, here you are "Pleading your case" so to speak.

Of course only really kaw or the mods can answer that question correctly!
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