My typical process that goes into thread making [MGTD]

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My typical process that goes into thread making [MGTD]

Postby Kasama on Apr 23 2018, 12:53am

My typical process that goes into thread making [MGTD]

Hey all, so I'm back with a serious thread this time.

I also noticed that when people are lazy they go through explaning or teaching.

I assume this stems the phrase, "those that can't do, teach". Because I've been going through some serious writer's block as of late.

Now before we begin I'll present threads that I have made that I feel have some impact, to prove that I'm not some random talking crap

Caster - The Greatest Catch
Guide to Free ZTA [Legit]
Introduce Yourself
VS SERIES - Clan Hopper VS Permanent Member

Now that's outta the way, my process to write a thread of some quality...

Step 1.
Look for inspiration -
It can start with a simple punchline, something you found comedic in everyday life, shower thought or even a meme.

Step 2.
Build upon your basis, you have an idea. But to ensure the idea becomes more, elaboration will be required.

I've built entire threads on a punchline.

Step 2.5
Determine the genre/tone, if your thread is serious or comedic. Determining how your thread presents itself will typically determine how the public will view it. Of course my threads are typically flooded with haters but hey, make a few enemies. Amirite?

Step 2.75
Contact your contacts
If you have to collaborate with another forumer, contact them here. A lil name dropping goes a long way.

Step 3.
Absolutely vital because if you're illiterate, you're probs gonna hear about it

Step 4.
Add the BBcoding, I typically do this around Step 2, however it might as well go here.

Step 5.
Rinse and repeat until you run outta ideas and make a teaching thread.

Yes, we are self-depricating right now. Yes I know I am ruining the joke by explaining it.
Yes, I am 3rd wall breaking.

Thanks for reading

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Re: My typical process that goes into thread making [MGTD]

Postby xXD3mOnXx on Apr 23 2018, 5:50am

Step 1. Copypaste
Step 2. There is no step 2.
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Re: My typical process that goes into thread making [MGTD]

Postby Lonesong on Apr 23 2018, 8:37am

i type things into my notepad until it starts to make some sort of sense
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