KAW Sudoku {MGTD}

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KAW Sudoku {MGTD}

Postby Radagast on Apr 20 2018, 7:45pm

Ppssssst. Hey, you. Wanna try something fun? A game within a game? Got a few extra lowland build tokens laying around you don’t need?

Well, then why don’t you play some KAW Sudoku ??

KAW Sudoku is the latest craze sweeping the kingdoms, more popular than eating tidepods or doing the flossing dance. How do you play? Quite simple, like normal sudoku, you fill each row and column with one of each kind of building without doubling up. (There can only be one type of each building in each row & column, etc.)

KAW Sudoku uses five building types – attack buildings (forges), balanced buildings (beastiaries), defense buildings (war cathedrals), spy buildings (guilds) and towers (archer tower). The castle in the middle is special and can be any building type.

Two sudoku puzzles are posted below to get you started. Simply tear down your LL build, insert the given buildings, and fill in the rest. Happy Day! I might post the key to the hard difficulty puzzle later on, or you can always try to scout me (my LL is set as the hard puzzle answer).

Enjoy. :lol:

Easy Puzzle:

Hard Puzzle:
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Re: KAW Sudoku {MGTD}

Postby TheLost420 on Apr 21 2018, 12:28pm

love playing sudoku and never thought using ll 2 play... lol nice use up them tokens then
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Re: KAW Sudoku {MGTD}

Postby _--___-_-Xplicit-X_-_---__- on Apr 21 2018, 2:22pm

For the win....hella creative
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Re: KAW Sudoku {MGTD}

Postby TUR_Alan_TLE on Apr 21 2018, 5:58pm

MGTD SCORE: ⬛️
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Re: KAW Sudoku {MGTD}

Postby -Spud- on Apr 23 2018, 11:18am

Congrats :)
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Re: KAW Sudoku {MGTD}

Postby Radagast on Apr 23 2018, 11:40am

IlISIIIPllIlUIIlIDllll wrote:Congrats :)

Thank you.

As a reminder, my ll is still set as the solution to the hard version. Not a single scout since I posted this! Boo-hoo. I'll leave in place for another day or so.
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