A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

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A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

Postby playin2Win on Feb 19 2018, 5:44pm

It’s always hard to lose someone close to you. Recently we have lost a member of the community and a close friend to many who have played this game. It honestly breaks my heart to put to words the fact Jester left us, claimed by a car accident. For anyone who doesn’t know already, I’m sorry to be the one to hear this from, especially in such a manner. We’ve tried to reach out to as many that knew him as we could before making it public but far too many people met him over the years he played this game.

For the KaW players who knew Jester, I hope this gives a chance to grieve but also an opportunity to remember him for the wonderful man he was. For those who didn’t, let me have a moment to tell you a bit about a KaW player who left this world far too young.

Those who had the privilege to know Jester (Jestermask) were a very fortunate group. If you’ve ever seen him… god he’s an imposing sight isn’t it? Gruff is an understatement. He doesn’t look like the kind of guy you want to pass by on the street at night. Honestly? If you were to cross him he was a nightmare. If you made an enemy of him, he matched that rough exterior. And to most he wasn’t a man of many words either, which only adds to the image he carried. It’s fair to say my brother Jester could be trouble, but only to those deserving of it.

It took a while for him to open up to people around him, but for anyone lucky enough to get close to him, they made friends with one of the most loyal men they would ever meet. Although I said he’s trouble, and meant that, he lived by a code. Words like honour, integrity and loyalty are thrown around far too commonly, but in this case they don’t do justice to who he was. To his friends and family he would give every little bit of himself if it eased the problems of someone around him even a tiny bit. This selfless nature of his was given towards anyone in need.

He was a vet, having spent ten years of his life serving two tours in Afghanistan. The war changed him though and that’s where I think he became a lot more hardened. While serving he was injured by an explosion and it changed his life. Returning home, he carried the burdens of war both physically and mentally; shrapnel in his face and PTSD weighing down his mind and soul. His family life suffered. How could it not? But as the true warrior he was, he never gave up. Even while dealing with his own personal demons, he sought out ways he could help other people overcome their own; volunteering at an organization that helped others cope with their PTSD. Even though he couldn’t find his own peace and happiness, all he wanted was to help everyone around him find theirs.

Life didn’t get easier though and one by one his friends from the military and where he was volunteering started to give in to their demons and committed suicide. Eventually it was too much for him and those thoughts started to consume him too. Even in his darkest days, when his heart ached too much and he didn’t know how he could go on, he had asked me to hear his story completely, so that I could write it and maybe one day it could help others. Even when he was so close to giving up, the thing that mattered most to him was helping everyone else. Even though he made it past those dark moments, I’ll never forget what true character and compassion for others looks like. He taught it to me.

Don’t take things for granted. Don’t leave things unsaid. Cherish the loved ones you have while they’re here, because they can disappear in an instant. Life is a fleeting fickle thing, and it can end before we’re ever ready. I won’t tell you to live like it’s your last day, but I will say to love like it’s your last time seeing them, just in case.

So much went unsaid between us. I wish he knew just how much of a brother he was to me. Few will ever support me like he did. He believed in me wholeheartedly and it meant so much to me, but I was too stupid to ever tell him that. I’ll never understand why someone like Jester looked up to me, when I was already looking up to him. I never had the chance to hear his full story but even if I had, I doubt I could ever find the words to do this man any justice. I’m sure others will come along with words to offer about him, and help to build a deeper picture of the man he was. I just wish so badly I had spoken to him one last time… told him how much I respect him. Thank him for his friendship.

I love you brother, please know Jason your memory is carried in the hearts of so many you’ve helped and been family to. You helped make me a better person. You’ll be missed, because there’ll never be another one like you bro. I hope you’ve finally found the peace you’ve searched so long for.
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Re: A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

Postby -secret_squirrel- on Feb 19 2018, 5:54pm

Ty. Is perfect
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Re: A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

Postby LimbHanger on Feb 19 2018, 6:31pm

RIP Jester. Your CR family is saddened by this news brother. Prayers for your family and God bless!!
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Re: A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

Postby lefty10228 on Feb 19 2018, 6:39pm

Rest in Peace Brother.
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Re: A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

Postby Delphin on Feb 19 2018, 6:44pm

Im sorry to hear of this unfortunate loss. Much respect to him.
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Re: A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

Postby Lorenza_Daisy on Feb 19 2018, 6:50pm

RIP Jester. I wish I have gotten to know you. 
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Re: A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

Postby Drop-of-Destruction on Feb 19 2018, 7:02pm

I will miss you forever my dear friend 
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Re: A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

Postby tiddlywinks on Feb 19 2018, 7:42pm

Thanks Ahdy. It's lovely.
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Re: A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

Postby ColtonAllen on Feb 19 2018, 9:18pm

Thanks for bringing us the news. Losing members of our community in such a way is always painful. Your tribute does credit to Jester.
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Re: A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

Postby Garrosh_did_nothing_wrong on Feb 19 2018, 10:13pm

I knew jester for a very brief time while he was veritas with you and a few others sorry to hear about him 
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