16 vs 12 indi war

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Re: 16 vs 12 indi war

Postby chad_da_king on Jan 8 2018, 11:21pm

Faust wrote:
ALPHA__PsG_DoG__ALPHA wrote:
xX__DEVIL__Xx wrote:To be fair bob no one on other side can touch your 1 and 2

I can touch 1-2 ..... but that’s besides the point I believe.... would’ve been a better match if they just even out the sides ... I believe that makes the most sense

Saying the 12 person roster could have won is like saying you could have won a 500 meter dash but the other person had a 300 meter head start, yes you could have but highly unlikely. The 16 man roster had more low CR people to fodder themselves onto valk and killer meaning they would win more easily, simple as that.

You just summed up why non paying ppl can never get the coveted leaderboard equipment another way lb ppl can gouge the system
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