If you could....

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Re: If you could....

Postby tRoUbLeD_JZKILLA92_aka_BOBCAT on Jan 10 2018, 6:23pm

I would have male and female Avis like pimd so everyone can look cool in customed equipment XD
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Re: If you could....

Postby masterchifchaf on Jan 11 2018, 4:19am

To be honest I'd probably spend most of the day getting up to speed with the technology stack for the game, then after that I'd probably try to fix all the minor text bugs, particularly with the furnishings having mismatched names and descriptions.

After that if it hasn't hit 5pm already I'd probably try and sort out some other minor bugs. There's no way I'd be able to implement a big feature so I'd be happy with small bug fixes.

After work I'd buy a drink for whoever comes up with the story for this game, I really like reading all the descriptions of the events and epic battles.
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Re: If you could....

Postby arkst on Jan 11 2018, 8:36am

masterchifchaf wrote:After work I'd buy a drink for whoever comes up with the story for this game, I really like reading all the descriptions of the events and epic battles.

Go read the goddess of war thing
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Re: If you could....

Postby XxXbatdogXxX on Jan 11 2018, 3:35pm

Put new programers on pay role to impliment a few new features that could make the game more interesting.

1. Mith equip getting a PvP bonus & a slight PvE % bonus for collecting the full set (15% & 10%) as long as you have the full equip set equipped.

2. Make a better use out Furnishings, if you dedicate enough time & money to get the full set why not let them do something cool? Example Bandraven set = 10% chance your opponents will fail hits regardless of size. (would also benefit war & PvP Players) Maybe a full set gives a plunder bonus?

3. Introduce a previous idea that would spice up PvP. Traps "Booby Trap your kingdom to help better your defenses!" (Different sets allow different traps & effects) (limit 1-2 per kindgom)

4. Give all clans the extra slots. (Self explanatory)

5. Clan upgrades as a whole, imagine being able to upgrade your clan bonus for war/pvp/possibly PvE.

6. Add a luck factor, Better drop rates/Better enchanting/More gold from pvp options are limitless
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Re: If you could....

Postby TheRealDMC-Echo2Charlie on Jan 12 2018, 10:00am

Delete all buildings, gold, material, charms, etc. on botters accounts and rename them all Botter1, Botter2 and so on so everyone of their friends could also know they were botting then I'd log on forums to laugh at the inevitable botfest thread that would promise me all these people would never play this game again.
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