The Grand Finale

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The Grand Finale

Postby Nate on Dec 12 2017, 8:07pm

Goodbye my friends. KaW has been such a big part of my life. From starting this out as a young man to now being a responsible adult.. with growth comes change. With change comes new interests. KaW no longer has my heart anymore, and that’s okay. I’m just moving on.

I will miss all of you greatly. In a weird way the friends I’ve made on KaW have become like a second family to me. You’ve heard my problems and seen my successes. For that I thank you. You guys were a stable source for me to forget about my problems and have fun.

My clans. Foxes, iG, and LSA. I love you guys so much, you guys were really like family. Everyone might not believe in you but I know your potential. iG thanks for giving me so many laughs. Foxes thanks for bringing me in and letting me just be myself with you guys. LSA thanks for taking me in even though I was a risk.

My forum friends, you know who you are. Forums has been such a big reason I’ve stayed playing this long. Ashes, I love you man.

My fighting friends. you guys are the best. You’ve given me so much fun it’s honestly great. Joey, you are like a brother. Bach, I love you, vro. Stay fighting you guys.

To Dashy, ILY bub.
To Avatar, it’s been ages but you’re still my bro.
To Titan, I’ll miss you my guy.
To Mei, I still don’t like you. But I respect your determination. I’m impressed with that.

To the devs. Thank you so much for creating such a great app where I could connect with people and have relationships with them. You’ve really done a great work.

Well guys. This is it. I’ve tried quitting a couple times, but I’m pretty for real this time. I’ve gotten my friend to change the password to my ATA acct to something I won’t figure out. I’ll be on for a few hours in case anyone wants to try and get my third party stuff. Otherwise you won’t be hearing from me for a long long time.

Love you all.

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Re: The Grand Finale

Postby Tzshifter on Dec 12 2017, 8:53pm

See ya tomorrow
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Re: The Grand Finale

Postby Immaculate_Heeze on Dec 12 2017, 9:05pm

Snoop I seen you in forums, enjoyed reading your posts. Can't say to much more but Take it easy in real life man. The best to you.
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Re: The Grand Finale

Postby Chop-Suey on Dec 12 2017, 9:39pm

Oh no
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Re: The Grand Finale

Postby iG_Bachkeda_iG on Dec 12 2017, 11:46pm

Damn it snoopy.

Take care brother
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Re: The Grand Finale

Postby BLAZE on Dec 13 2017, 12:59am

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Re: The Grand Finale

Postby Resilent_Bellatrix on Dec 13 2017, 5:17am

Good luck in rl 
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Re: The Grand Finale

Postby Titan_God on Dec 13 2017, 6:27am

Snoopy it’s been great having you around, I understand the reasons but doesn’t mean you won’t be missed. I hope you all the best in life and all endeavors that you take on. I do hope to see you around sometime just to pop up and have a quick convo at some time in the future. I am pleased and honored to have met you and call you a true friend which are hard to come by in today’s times.
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Re: The Grand Finale

Postby SELFMADE on Dec 13 2017, 7:03am

I seen your name around and now I won't good luck in real life.
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Re: The Grand Finale

Postby Leo-Shocker on Dec 13 2017, 7:25am

I know you are still reading this from an alt.... wish you the best in life bro you are definitely one of a kind
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