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Re:  Knights of the Fire Emblem

Postby 1_BadAss_Devilish_Rogue__Semzz on Dec 5 2018, 4:26pm

One-BaDaSs_PaiN-In_Ur-AsS_LiLi wrote:
poo_monkey wrote:
Thumpers_Master_MaCHiNE wrote:Look at kotfe as a whole we are so active we have added kotfe clans

(all scrubs welcome)

Well good job there buddy keep up the good work!! ...if you're not an overlord yet or grand wizard (wth yalls titles are) they should make you one. 


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epic strip fails & OSW-RP

(all scrubs welcome)

this :-)
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Re:  Knights of the Fire Emblem

Postby _-Corrupt_MaCHiNE-_ on Dec 25 2018, 9:55pm

AfterLife_LordTDA_WoG wrote:Gotta love machine bosses being made into kotfe council and lords to keep them from leaving and keeping tags inside kotfe 95% of the time

“MaCHiNe tag isn’t just a KotFE tag” - said every MaCHiNe boss ever

You’re wrong. There are several MaCHiNES outside KotFE. If you knew our history , you’d understand why a lot of us reside inside KotFE.
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Re:  Knights of the Fire Emblem

Postby Psyacidal_Cow on Dec 25 2018, 10:23pm

where do the messages go?
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Re:  Knights of the Fire Emblem

Postby Nate on Dec 25 2018, 10:41pm

Does this guy play on another account pr anything? I mean if he came back would KotFE give him a high ranking role in the clan considering he inadvertently created a behemoth of a clan family? :lol:
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