dookie gang

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dookie gang

Postby Kasama on Mar 1 2019, 7:24am

Dookie Gang

new clan, yo

Ties back to GaW, dun tes' us or u gon' get dookied on.

You feel me, cuh? You dun' wan' nun o' dis. My crew hard, hard like our dookies.

Yo hit up our dookie commander, the dookster himself, Kasama.

Number 2 in command, Jackson. Necks in line is dookie 3 time world champ, my man's, Yogurt.

Enough of this crap.

dookie gang reppin'



jus have dat dookie attitude, hell ye

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Re: dookie gang

Postby PhartacusX on Mar 1 2019, 7:28am

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Re: dookie gang

Postby Kasama on Mar 1 2019, 7:31am

woah hol' up, u bes not be hatin'. We da real 1, i kno u dun' wan' get dookied on, ight?
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Re: dookie gang

Postby RS-roni-RS on Mar 1 2019, 8:06am

I looked and what a shame this clan isnt real yet. I would have joined just to be around these fine men !
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Re: dookie gang

Postby Jackson on Mar 1 2019, 8:14am

I have the biggest dookie therefore I should be 1st in command or i'll be forced to go commando in your house until you grant me my request
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Re: dookie gang

Postby Lirik on Mar 1 2019, 8:18am

You have to grant the request. You don’t want a 14 year old being commando in yo house yo
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Re: dookie gang

Postby Lonesong on Mar 1 2019, 8:33am

on folks dookie gang 
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Re: dookie gang

Postby Yogurt on Mar 1 2019, 9:20am

Yeah yeah


Dookie gang
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Re: dookie gang

Postby tRoUbLeD_JZKILLA92_aka_BOBCAT on Mar 1 2019, 10:08am

Kasama.... Why have you become this way I mean for reals u ain't the same from gaw
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Re: dookie gang

Postby Nate on Mar 1 2019, 10:36am

Dookie gang dookie gang dookie gang... spent three racks on this game...
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