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Idea to help

Postby ___Decado___ on Nov 9 2018, 10:35pm

I would like to suggest that the top premium clans run 3 hte a week, funded by me, and let newbies hit item's.

I'll fund it, I think it'l be great for players to meet and chat to good experienced players
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Re: Idea to help

Postby tltltAndromaliuStltlt on Nov 10 2018, 4:19am

Nice idea but how long do you think a hte lasts in any of the top 50 clans! Guys might get a chance to say hi and bye..
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Re: Idea to help

Postby Thrawn on Nov 10 2018, 8:41am

Would probably be hard to corral that many newbies all at once. Why not run hte in any experienced clan for them to hit? Does it have to be a top clan for a specific reason?
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