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Postby Lady__Ragsdale on Apr 19 2018, 3:00pm

In a Land far away was a village... In this village you could battle friends and foe!! The more you battled the more booty you got.... As you increased your booty you could buy up land... The only trouble was your land was so high that just battling alone would not help... So you began to sell your charms and when you ran out of charms you sold your homes and pets.... Those who where greedy sold their wife's and friends!! So if this village sound like home come join us at KAW VILLAGE! Bring your booty and be prepared to sell a arm and leg if you want to own all of your land!! . One more thing shhhh lean real close now we don't have sheriff's... We have neon green mods who live to hide in the bushes They will silence you if you invoke those dirty words... So mum's the word!! Watch those bushes and know in KAW VILLAGE the Mods are near!
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