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Re: ZAFT Retirement

Postby RedHotVixen on Jan 31 2018, 5:06pm

What a ride its been!

I myself have been involved 3 big OSW's against and Carnage must have been one of the clans i have hit and stripped into the most.

But this game is a funny old game, and i can honestly truthfully say the respect i have and the friendships i have built with those who were enemy, are genuine.

You guys deserve this. You have earn't your respect, your place in history. You were the last clan standing and thats something to be proud of and to shout it loudly from the rooftops. While being part of Zaft was an adventure and full if its own history, Carnage is who is now on peoples lips.

I wish you the best for the future Carnage, and to new beginnings and adventures 

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Re: ZAFT Retirement

Postby 1SexyLady on Jan 31 2018, 5:16pm

Thank you all, for the kind comments.
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Re: ZAFT Retirement

Postby Renneth on Jan 31 2018, 5:19pm

Much respect to you guys, you’re a great bunch of warriors and wish you guys the best with your new kawventure
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Re: ZAFT Retirement

Postby deenie on Jan 31 2018, 5:24pm

I and -Midgard Warriors- have nothing but respect for the Zaft dynasty and all the warriors that passed through Zaft doors, I became close to the founders and all leaders of Zaft during the my 8 years. But time changes us all and those days are behind us, 1SL and the Carnage. team are true warriors ,survivors and true badasses. Full respect and support ️

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Re: ZAFT Retirement

Postby Tzshifter on Jan 31 2018, 5:29pm

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Re: ZAFT Retirement

Postby HolySchu on Jan 31 2018, 5:29pm

Dang good thinking
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Re: ZAFT Retirement

Postby Betelgeuse on Jan 31 2018, 5:29pm

Well spoken Sexy! As a former member of Carnage and a casual player, I could see only a little of the stress that Sexy had to endure as the ZAFT empire declined and Carnage remained. Sexy is a good, kind, and cautious leader. A new era begins. Bravo! Well done Sexy!
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Re: ZAFT Retirement

Postby NurseAph on Jan 31 2018, 5:33pm

️ love my carnage family ️
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Re: ZAFT Retirement

Postby Blueberry on Jan 31 2018, 5:40pm

Much respect 
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Re: ZAFT Retirement

Postby -Aizun- on Jan 31 2018, 5:46pm

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