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Re: ZAFT Retirement

Postby shino_ on Feb 2 2018, 1:04am

-ViTaLStATiSTiX_MaCHiNE- wrote:I was a part of ZAFT during the UC Osw. Back then I was only in the sub clan of ZAFT rebels called kingdom_of_beastly_chi. It's where I learnt all the things I need to know about osw. We were a good clan. Got a few ceasefires from opponents. After the osw I moved to ZAFT faith and made a bunch of new friends. I quit ZAFT after Laoda quit kaw. A lot of my friends I had made in ZAFT are inactive now. But thinking about those days and all the training and teamwork we put together makes me feel somewhat nostalgic.

Rip ZAFT. You were one tough opponent to beat. And good luck to Carnage! You guys will kick ass I'm sure. You've got a good core unit now who won't back down from any fights. WFTT.

Never thought I'd see kingdom_of_beastly_chi mentioned on forums. Brings back tons of memories from my time at Rebels, made some amazing friends in ZAFT.
Best of luck to Carnage in their future kaw endeavors. WFTT 
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Re: ZAFT Retirement

Postby 1SexyLady on Feb 2 2018, 4:38am

Thank you all for the kind words! We at carnage are proud of our past, it just time to move forward with our future. To my clannies, you’re a awesome bunch of warriors. It’s been a pleasure to lead you as ZAFT and I look forward to leading you as Carnage.

Long live ZAFT!!!
New beginnings for Carnage.

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