Happy 8TH Birthday KotFE

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Re: Happy 8TH Birthday KotFE

Postby Adonis-ICE_MaCHiNE on Nov 8 2018, 8:41am

Standing the test of time. Kudos. Happy birthday fam
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Re: Happy 8TH Birthday KotFE

Postby suzukimike on Nov 8 2018, 11:38am

Happy Birthday family 
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Re: Happy 8TH Birthday KotFE

Postby Tzshifter on Nov 8 2018, 11:48am

Happy birthday to the clan thats too afraid to get into any major wars and runs from their own shadow
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Re: Happy 8TH Birthday KotFE

Postby DevilsTriangle on Nov 9 2018, 5:21am

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Re: Happy 8TH Birthday KotFE

Postby R3HAB on Nov 9 2018, 8:54am

Happy birthday kotfe and congratulations on becoming the new zaft it fits you well.
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