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Re: -_-Tokyo_Ghouls-_-

Postby -Berserker- on May 4 2018, 6:37pm

This is actually how I found this clan good job on posting this looks good
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Re: -_-Tokyo_Ghouls-_-

Postby -_-Rosiel_Crow-GhoulQueen-_- on May 5 2018, 7:05am

We are glad to have you!
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Re: -_-Tokyo_Ghouls-_-

Postby THE-GUY on May 7 2018, 11:41am

Um bump
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Re: -_-Tokyo_Ghouls-_-

Postby XxXBLACKXxXHEARTXxX on May 8 2018, 9:26am

This clan is a great family and has one great owner if I didn't have a perm clan i would be here in this clan :) great job rosie <3
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Re: -_-Tokyo_Ghouls-_-

Postby iZombieJT on May 11 2018, 9:03am

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