Cancer awareness month

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Cancer awareness month

Postby Mad_Donatello_Da_Devil_As_Fuch on Oct 30 2017, 12:54pm

Since there is 2 days left for cancer awareness month would it be possible for all players,Mods and even devs to show appreciation by wearing pink from alchemist or a t-shirt to help those with cancer in and around kaw and real life to show that they aren't fighting on their own one small thing like this could make someone's day and that in itself is a great thing so don't be nasty and disregard this post because one small gesture is all it takes to make a difference thanks for reading and would like to hear back from anyone
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Re: Cancer awareness month

Postby _ROI_Narcotic_Influence_ROI_ on Oct 30 2017, 1:01pm

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Re: Cancer awareness month

Postby AshesOfEden on Oct 30 2017, 1:04pm

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Re: Cancer awareness month

Postby FireProof on Oct 30 2017, 1:05pm

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Re: Cancer awareness month

Postby DeDe-Duck on Oct 30 2017, 1:06pm

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Re: Cancer awareness month

Postby IIWARII__DEMON__IILORII on Oct 30 2017, 1:52pm

Support cancer awareness
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Re: Cancer awareness month

Postby Majin_Venom on Oct 30 2017, 2:22pm

Men wear Blue - girls wear Pink and they have their own Month also ..

But yes Movember Is coming

Grow those beards and take care of your 3 little Guys down there, also help make awareness to all barbarians and Vikings out there.. Also unicorns ️
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Re: Cancer awareness month

Postby TSH-_SkittleQueen_-TSH on Oct 30 2017, 2:31pm

Supporting with pink
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Re: Cancer awareness month

Postby tRoUbLeD_JZKILLA92_aka_BOBCAT on Oct 30 2017, 3:00pm

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Re: Cancer awareness month

Postby x_x on Oct 30 2017, 3:42pm

Pretty sure we are all aware of cancer, it's been cured half dozen times, covered up and jailed every one who cured it

Dr. Berzinski (raided dozen times, faced numerous federal charges) he tested people's urine and found everyone with cancer was missing something people without it did have, so he gave them what was missing and cured it, actually cured cancer with horse pee, I believe he is still in Texas, he's made 2 documentaries about his story

Max gerson (was murdered;
his daughter fled to Mexico still continues his work, cured lots of diseases not just cancer) a friend asked him to treat his diabetes, he used vegetables to cure his friend and more people asked if he could help them, he ended up cutting bunch of diseases with organic vegetable juice and coffee enemas, his daughter is in Tijuana made documentary called the Gershon effect

Dr simoncini (exiled from Italy and license stripped, threatened with jail) after 10 years research he discovered cancer is a fungal infection and cured it with baking soda, he's fled Italy and is somewhere in Europe (this is the easiest guy to contact giving his phone number to anyone who goes to his website) he's got several YouTube videos and 2 websites

Rick Simpson (jailed for saving people with inoperable tumors with weeks to live) he helps people with weed oil is not a doctor just an enthusiastic Canadian he's got a website and not sure if his documentary is still around Rick Simpson oil

There are others but they aren't so famous, if you research these guys and their stories you'll see they each have a different process
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