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Re: Christian Clans

Postby NinjaFresh on May 7 2017, 6:38pm

Yikes that shattered sword ...
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Re: Christian Clans

Postby -Will-Treaty- on May 7 2017, 7:16pm

The church of god
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Re: Christian Clans

Postby ValarMorghulis on May 7 2017, 10:09pm

Avatar wrote:Back in like 2012, christian clans were a thing. You'd be hard pressed to find one now. Just enjoy the game for what it is my friend.

No you are wrong they are still around. I see them on my alt in battle lists but i dont remember their names
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Re: Christian Clans

Postby Swabia on May 8 2017, 6:50pm

There was a clan called 'Jesus saves believers'

Tell them I sent you. They should remember me.
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Re: Christian Clans

Postby LordSavan on May 10 2017, 6:04am

Manna was a good starter clan back in the day. What happened to Christian clans? Same thing that happened to most smaller clans, hte
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Re: Christian Clans

Postby MR_BIG on May 16 2017, 10:51am

Just make one then the next person to ask can be directed to your clan.
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Re: Christian Clans

Postby XoXoX on May 16 2017, 1:12pm

Surely a Christian clan is discrimination towards non-Christians, Devs this needs to be seen to or I will be SEEING my lawyer.
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Re: Christian Clans

Postby LemonWithAHintOfAssClown on May 16 2017, 6:21pm

There's a clan called church if God I beleive. Idk how active they are, but I saw it a couple days ago.

Edit: apparently not, looks like I was wrong

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Re: Christian Clans

Postby Cannabis on May 16 2017, 8:55pm

If there isn't any, why not make one?
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Re: Christian Clans

Postby _----Kaiza----_ on Dec 11 2017, 1:52pm

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