A Guide to all BB Codes!

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A Guide to all BB Codes!

Postby *-JordanMooCow- (01) on Nov 12 2011, 4:06pm

Hi, this is a guide that will tell you all the BB codes and how to do them. :D This guide was origanly posted on PimD (Party in my Dorm) by me! -JordanMooCow-

-BB code work in forums and only forums.

BB codes can make you text look pretty cool if you master them. But failing a BB code could make you look like a pretty bad noob.

 Sections: 

  1. Color
  2. Size
  3. Bold, Underline, Italics and Code
  5. Rainbows
  6. Lists
  7. Pictures
  8. URL's and Links
  9. Forum Emoji's

 Section 1. Color 
Color's are probably the most used BB code on forums, therefore you should probably know how to do them. To do colors, do EXACTLY this:

[color=red.] Insert Desired text here [/color]

Of course the text will come up In red when you do it. Red is not the only color you can use, in fact, there is 150 different colors you can use. Here is a list of all of them:

AliceBlue: Example.

AntiqueWhite: Example.

Aqua: Example.

Aquamarine: Example.

Azure: Example.

Beige: Example.

Bisque: Example.

Black: Example.

Blanchedalmond: Example.

Blue: Example.

BlueViolet: Example.

Brown: Example.

BurlyWood: Example.

CadetBlue: Example.

Chartreuse: Example.

Chocolate: Example.

Coral: Example.

CornflowerBlue: Example.

Cornsilk: Example.

Crimson: Example.

Cyan: Example.

DarkBlue: Example.

DarkCyan: Example.

DarkGoldenRod: Example.

DarkGrey: Example.

DarkGreen: Example.

DarkKhaki: Example.

DarkMagenta: Example.

DarkOliveGreen: Example.

Darkorange: Example.

DarkOrchid: Example.

DarkRed: Example.

DarkSalmon: Example.

DarkSeaGreen: Example.

DarkSlateBlue: Example.

DarkSlateGray: Example.

DarkTurquoise: Example.

DarkViolet: Example.

DeepPink: Example.

DeepSkyBlue: Example.

DimGrey: Example.

DodgerBlue: Example.

FireBrick: Example.

FloralWhite: Example.

ForestGreen: Example.

Fuchsia: Example.

Gainsboro: Example.

GhostWhite: Example.

Gold: Example.

GoldenRod: Example.

Grey: Example.

Green: Example

GreenYellow: Example.

HoneyDew: Example.

HotPink: Example.

IndianRed: Example.

Indigo: Example.

Ivory: Example.

Khaki: Example.

Lavender: Example.

LavenderBlush: Example.

LawnGreen: Example.

LemonChiffon: Example.

LightBlue: Example.

LightCoral: Example.

LightCyan: Example.

LightGoldenRodYellow: Example.

LightGrey: Example.

LightGreen: Example.

LightPink: Example.

LightSalmon: Example.

LightSeaGreen: Example.

LightSkyBlue: Example.

LightSlateGrey: Example.

LightSteelBlue: Example.

LightYellow: Example.

Lime: Example.

LimeGreen: Example.

Linen: Example.

Magenta: Example.

Maroon: Example.

MediumAquaMarine: Example.

MediumBlue: Example.

MediumOrchid: Example.

MediumPurple: Example.

MediumSeaGreen: Example.

MediumSlateBlue: Example.

MediumSpringGreen: Example.

MediumTurquoise: Example.

MediumVioletRed: Example.

MidnightBlue: Example.

MintCream: Example.

MistyRose: Example.

Moccasin: Example.

NavajoWhite: Example.

Navy: Example.

OldLace: Example.

Olive: Example.

OliveDrab: Example.

Orange: Example.

OrangeRed: Example.

Orchid: Example.

PaleGoldenRod: Example.

PaleGreen: Example.

PaleTurquoise: Example.

PaleVioletRed: Example.

PapayaWhip: Example.

PeachPuff: Example.

Peru: Example.

Pink: Example.

Plum: Example.

PowderBlue: Example.

Purple: Example.

Red: Example.

RosyBrown: Example.

RoyalBlue: Example.

SaddleBrown: Example.

Salmon: Example.


SeaGreen: Example.

SeaShell: Example.

Sienna: Example.

Silver: Example.

SkyBlue: Example.

SlateBlue: Example.

SlateGray: Example.

Snow: Example.

SpringGreen: Example.

SteelBlue: Example.

Tan: Example.

Teal: Example.

Thistle: Example.

Tomato: Example.

Turquoise: Example.

Violet: Example.

Wheat: Example.

White: Example.

WhiteSmoke: Example.

Yellow: Example.

YellowGreen: Example.

There's a list of all the colors you can use. There's alot of colors so I doubt you'll use all of them.

 Section 2. Size 
Sizes are probably the second most used BB code, so again, it's probably a good thing to learn how to do it.

-Sizes reach a maximum of 200. Anything over 200 will NOT work.

- Size 20 is the smallest size that is readable, though you can still use sizes below that.

-For the sizes to work, remember to take out the asterisk (*)

To do sizes, do this:

[size=200*] text here [/size]
Remember! Take the asterisk (*) out for it to work!

Size 200 is largest, size 20 is the smallest (that's readable), size 100 is normal size.

Text = Size 200

Text = Size 100 (Normal Size)

Text = Size 20

 Section 3. Bold, Underline, Italics, and code 

Bold, Underline, Italics and Code are not used as often as size and color, though they are still cool.

Bold: Example of bold text
How to do bold:

[b*] Insert text here. [/b*]

Underline: Example of underline text
How to do Underline:

[u*] Insert text here. [/u*]

Italics: Example of italic text
How to do Italic:

[i*] Insert text here. [/i*]

Code: Select all
Example of code text

How to do code:

[code*] Insert text here. [/code*]

-You have to take the asterisk (*) out for it to work!

Section 4. Quotes: 

Quotes, again aren't the most used BB code but I assure you that you'll use them atleast once. There are two different types of quotes: Personal Quotes, and Quote boxes.

Quote Boxes:
Quote boxes can just be 1 box:

Or 2:


Or 3:


To do a Quote Box:

[quote*] Desired text here. [/quote*]

To do 2 Quote Boxes:

[quote*] Desired text here. [quote*] More Desired text here. [/quote*][/quote*]

To do 3 Quote Boxes:

[quote*] Desired Text here. [quote*] More Desired text here. [quote*] Even More Desired text here. [/quote*][/quote*][/quote*]

-You MUST take the asterisk (*) out for it to work!

Personal Quotes:
Personal Quotes are to show what a certain person said or wrote.

Example of a Personal Quote:
-JordanMooCow- wrote: My Personal Quote ;)

To do a Personal Quote, you do this:

[*quote="Persons Name"] Insert Desired Text Here. [/quote*]

-You must take the asterisk (*) out for it to work! You surely know that by now right?

-You also MUST have the quotation marks (" and ") around the name for it to work!

Section 5. Rainbows! 
Everybody loves rainbowwwwwws! So let's make rainbow text! Rainbow text is pretty awesome, it makes your writing look very colorful. So here's what you have to do make rainbow text:

1. Click on This link.

2. Select the "Rainbow" option.

3. Enter the text that you what to be rainbowfied in the "Your Text" box.

4. Click "Generate Code".

5. Copy the "Output Text"

6. Paste on forum's and you'll have rainbowfied text! :D

This is a example of what rainbow text looks like. Pretty cool hey?

 Section 6. Lists
Lists, the hardest and most annoying BB code ever. I never really use lists, though they still look good.

  • Make points
  • Clear and good looking
  • But they're hard to make

As you can see, they look nice but are hard to make.

How to make a list:

[list) [*] Make your point here [*] Make your second point here [*] Make your third point here [/list)

For it to work, change the )'s to a ]

You can make you lists as long as you want. You can also have different types of lists like:

[*list] = A bullet point list.

[*list=1] = A number list.

[*list=i] = A Roman Numeral list.

[*list=a] = A letter list.

-If you're using those different types of lists, you have to take out the asterisk (*) before the word for it to work!

 Section 7. Pictures 

To put pictures on forums, do the following things:

  1. Download Photobucket, a free app on App-Store
  2. Set up a account
  3. Upload a picture from you iPod/iPhone
  4. Go on albums
  5. Select desired picture
  6. Click the (i) button in the bottom right
  7. Copy the very bottom code
  8. Paste on desired forum and TaDa, your picture is on the forum.

Remember to keep all pictures ToU appropriate!

 Section 8. URL's and Links 
Many things can be linked to show on forums, for example I linked the rainbow website. I'll show you how to do URL's and Links:

[url=URL or website link here ] text you want to be linked[/url]

Remember to keep all links in ToU appropriate! The ToU can be found here

Section 9. Forum Emoji's 
Here is a list of all the Forum Emoji's on PimD and how to do them:

:) = :*)

:D = :*D

:( = :*(

:cry: = :cry*:

:| = :*| (Stovepipe, between \ and ~)

:? = :*?

:shock: = :*shock:

:o = :*o

:P = :*P

;) = ;*)

:cool: = :cool*:

:mrgreen: = :*mrgreen:

:geek: = :*geek:

:ugeek: = :*ugeek:

:x = :*x

:evil: = :evil*:

:twisted: = :twisted*:

:lol: = :*lol:

:oops: = :*oops:

:roll: = :roll*:

:?: = :*?:

:!: = :*!:

:idea: = :idea*:

:arrow: = :arrow*:

-Remember take the asterisk (*) out for them to work!

End of guide!

Thanks for reading my guide. :D I hope you enjoyed it.

P.S Sorry if I got any of the BB codes wrong or if I missed anything :?

Feel free to try BB codes out here!
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Re: A Guide to all BB Codes!

Postby *YumPikmin (01) on Nov 12 2011, 4:11pm

Cool, that was a really good guide!
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Re: A Guide to all BB Codes!

Postby ZachGhost on Nov 12 2011, 4:11pm

 the BBcode thread has already been made,
Good job tho!

Also I think the color guide Gould e stickied.
Most color guides just say the color name in that color, so you couldn't see the color name.
This one you can.

Good job!
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Re: A Guide to all BB Codes!

Postby *-JordanMooCow- (01) on Nov 12 2011, 4:11pm

Thanks! :D
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Re: A Guide to all BB Codes!

Postby -GH0ST- on Nov 12 2011, 4:13pm

[color=lime] pew pew [color/]
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Re: A Guide to all BB Codes!

Postby -GH0ST- on Nov 12 2011, 4:14pm

Messed up a bb code on purpase... Like a BOSS 8-)
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Re: A Guide to all BB Codes!

Postby -GH0ST- on Nov 12 2011, 4:14pm

as i said.. Pew pew...
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Re: A Guide to all BB Codes!

Postby *YumPikmin (01) on Nov 12 2011, 4:14pm


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Re: A Guide to all BB Codes!

Postby *YumPikmin (01) on Nov 12 2011, 4:16pm

Cool bluish color
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Re: A Guide to all BB Codes!

Postby Tokix on Nov 12 2011, 4:17pm

Great guide ^_^
You can't read this! XD unless your on a computer...
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