Epic Guide - To the Chamber

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Epic Guide - To the Chamber

Postby OnlineV on Jul 3 2011, 2:34pm

Guide for To the Chamber - Up to 9 hours to complete, normally can complete in 1-2 hours for smaller to medium sized clans

Phase 1/2

Foot Soldiers
- 72000 hit points
- Attack is most effective
- Assassination should only be used when spies are full, when full, make 3 assinations then wait for next regeneration.
- up to 26 attacks can be made when full soldiers

Soldier Co-ordination (does not need to be completed to move on)
- 72000 hit points
- Mist of Confusion (Spy Defense supplies - $1,250 each)
- Smaller members should unload attacks on Foot Soldiers first for money, then purchase Mist of Confusion Supply items to take down Soldier Coordination.
-This will help smaller members get a larger bonus at end.

Key's remaining - Once foot soldiers are killed, Steal should be used to take the keys remaining down to 70%. be careful to not continue to steal past 70% because the number of spies lost on failed attempt is high.

Phase 2/2

Guards of the Keep
- 202500 hit points
- Assination is most effective, this is the reason you should only use assassination when spies are full in phase 1. Save for phase 2 and unload.
- Attack can also be used until soldiers are out, attack is not as effective, but there is no reason to save any soldiers as stealing is used after Guards of the Keep are killed.
- When Guards of keep has 12k hit points left, begin saving Spies again until 30% full, try to keep around 30% full doing random assassination attacks.

Key's remaining - Once Guards of Keep are killed, Steal all the way to 0% for the win.
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Re: Epic Guide - To the Chamber

Postby emprorjoel on Jul 5 2011, 12:48am

Well... Nice guide. But do you really think that people cant figure it out themselves?
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Re: Epic Guide - To the Chamber

Postby OnlineV on Jul 5 2011, 6:59am

You are probably right emprorjoel, but it could be helpful to some and it's a way for my clan to coordinate it's attacks. done right, you only need 10-12 medium sized people and a few hours for this epic.
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