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Re: Quests

Postby Stacy_P on Aug 31 2018, 12:31pm

Jickers wrote:Is it worth it to do lots of quests over and over in order to get nobility?

What have you guys found? Is it a viable strategy?

I found if I didnt want to buy nobs, but I wanted to do something like change my name or open a chest, it was worth it to me! So it will probably depend on your ability or want to spend in the game on whatever it is your wanting to do with the nobs and the time frame your looking to use them in, if its of worth or not to you in your situation! :)
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Re: Quests

Postby Stacy_P on Aug 31 2018, 12:35pm

-SS-Thrawn-SS- wrote:Oddly enough, I toyed with the idea of making a quest build. My idea was a ps1/small hansel, that would use all troops on quests while dropping spies on ebs.

I did rough math with the nob drop rate, and with relative plunder bonus estimates from different ebs, to try and figure out if the net gold GAINED from questing enough to buy a seal, dropping it at an nk clan, and then being able to stay for a few nks (say, 4 per seal, if you could manage a 24h pass and average 6h per nk--high asking) would be more than the gold LOST by hitting quests instead of your usual eb.

It was more of a thought experiment, since I didn't bother to go get actual plunder numbers (more like "well last time I hit nk I got like this much, I get this much from a goth, etc"). But according to those very rough estimates, I think I concluded (to satisfy my curiosity) that if you're very active and can pull off a double crux and max xtal on at least 3-4 nks, this has the potential to be a viable build (i.e. could generate more plunder than a counterpart only hitting ebs with both bars).

I think I estimated 150 unloads on quests to get 59 nobs, which at 8 unloads/day works out to about 19 days per seal. It's a while between seals, but if they are used very very carefully, it could be slightly beneficial, particularly for smalls who can't hit/get into goth.

Really the hardest part is finding somewhere that'd let you hit enough nks on one seal. It definitely probably isn't a self-sustaining build, and would rely on others letting you hit nk through passes. Although now that I think about it, 190 days to be able to solo nk, using half a year worth of free crystals... hmmmmmmmm... or TWO solo nks, if you get black Friday deals, and the second could be run whenever you get more xtals for it.

I would not advise this build to anyone. I have never run strict calculations that prove if this is viable--just very general ones that suggested it may be viable. I have also never tested it, because it was just a fun thing to think about a while ago.

Would you only think this would be potentially profitable if your able to goto nk clan or would it be worthwhile to save up to just be able to pitch in and run the occasional hte or nk in a regular eb clan?
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Re: Quests

Postby Thrawn on Aug 31 2018, 6:48pm

There is absolutely no way that 150 (plus or minus, very vague number) troop unloads is worth one hte, or 1/10th of an nk. IMO, anyways. Lose plunder from all those hits, and for small clans you lose out on eb progress from those hits. Although if no attacks are allowed on current eb, it never hurts to skim quests.
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Re: Quests

Postby Hisoka on Aug 31 2018, 9:36pm

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Re: Quests

Postby Venom on Aug 31 2018, 9:39pm

Gg Thrawn. Sounds like you got a lot of time on your hands. :lol:
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