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Build thread

Postby -------8BaIl--------- on Jun 3 2018, 2:02am

I've been wanting to try out some new builds and I'm sure some of the new players could you some ideas on what they want to do with their own build. Please keep comments on topic, and try to be as detailed as possible(which buildings on which lands ext). ANY build I want to try them all. Let's see what you got!
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Re: Build thread

Postby WashedUp on Jun 3 2018, 2:25am

I hear 23 stables 1 lvl 2 guild and a lvl 1 def tower is good
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Re: Build thread

Postby -grizzy- on Jun 3 2018, 5:47am

149 spy towers and 1 castle
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Re: Build thread

Postby Cam_The_Devilman on Jun 4 2018, 1:13pm

Are you looking for a good build or just random nonsense?
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Re: Build thread

Postby WonderWeasle on Jun 4 2018, 6:11pm

I heard from someone that all defense towers gets you to the top of pvp
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