relativity and quantum MECHANICS

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Re: relativity and quantum MECHANICS

Postby xXD3mOnXx on Dec 8 2017, 4:03am

DeDe-Duck wrote:The standing theory is that the universe is expanding by being stretched. This means the distance between any 2 Points in the Universe is increasing - the universe itself isn't expanding into nothingness.

Regarding Blackholes, they are a perfect black body which has such a massive amount of mass that a singularity is formed, the mass doesn't dissapear however, it is compressed or transformed.
This comes from the rules regarding conversation of Mass.
CBR- Cosmic Background Radiation is one of the primary evidences used by scientists for the Big Bang Theory.

Yeah.. I simply think the standing theory is quite flawed (which it is), perhaps there just isnt a simple way to explain it though. For instance, how can you tell if the 2 points are moving further apart, or closer to each other if you cant observe the dimension in which they exist?
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