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Re: Hansel?

Postby LMABAO on Jun 1 2018, 5:49pm

-grizzy- wrote:Its easy I've figured it everyone can be a pur spy if they want just add your attack buildings up put PS in front of the number and bobs your uncle. For example I am now a ps55.

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Re: Hansel?

Postby -WillyTheDeuce- on Jun 1 2018, 7:40pm

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Re: Hansel?

Postby xX_503s_Most_H8d_Xx on Jun 2 2018, 4:26pm

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Re: Hansel?

Postby ________________MuSaNg_____IDD on Jun 4 2018, 7:11am

Your build is best for growth and easy option to switch PS if you get a fight with someone. Dropped all allies and attack building and assassinate or scout your enemy everyone you get online or steal and bank
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