I'm not a noob, now what???

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Re: I'm not a noob, now what???

Postby II-roni-II on Mar 25 2017, 1:17pm

it's called " bridging the gap " and a few strong leaders and representatives have stood out as a middle man to get some ideas to devs. if you have a love for a game or hobby .Then some dont want any reward for their time. Just seeing people having fun and enjoyment & laughs from their idea's is enough reward in its self. So my nominee's for kaw's " bridging the gap " panel is Zero machine , Rusty knight of serenity , Optimal Chaos , TitanGod and Sadistic killa locklebe bear.
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Re: I'm not a noob, now what???

Postby SaDiStIC-KilLa-_LoCkIe_-BeAr on Mar 25 2017, 1:25pm

Thank you for that roni but I'm not in the league of some you listed there
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Re: I'm not a noob, now what???

Postby DoC-Ashaya-RoC on Mar 25 2017, 1:35pm

It does come down to the players. The devs job is to help them get past the noob stage. As players, we help them the rest of the way.

Tell me a single game where the devs hold your hand from day 1 to day 100 doom. You cant. They don't exist. There's a tutorial, and that's it.

No, it doesn't fall upon the devs. It's our job.
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Re: I'm not a noob, now what???

Postby SaDiStIC-KilLa-_LoCkIe_-BeAr on Mar 25 2017, 2:24pm

Agreed ashaya we need to work as a kawmunnity an with devs if we want to make this game grow and remain relevant
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Re: I'm not a noob, now what???

Postby -_-OPTIMAL-_-CHAOS-_- on Mar 25 2017, 2:52pm

First Roni.
Thank you for the acknowledgement. Not sure I deserve it. But appreciated.

Yes it is the job of the players to help teach and train new players how to play the game.
This is a community driven game.
I was taught how to play by established players.
I have taught others how to play and when requested still will.

There is actually a lot of satisfaction in helping others.
It is easier these days to reach out to new players due to the grey names. A little effort can go a long way to securing new players.

The devs need to focus on making the game more appealing.
We need to focus on building the community and helping those who may become our allies, clan mates or even victims.

Would you rather the devs spend time working on player retention amd game changes.
Or talking people through a tap tap game that can be broken down into simple steps for growth and understanding by any experienced player?

I want the devs keeping the game Devon track for the best possible version of the game.

If we want the game to last. We have to make an effort to. After all we are investing our time and money in this game too. If we don't make an effort. Why would devs make an effort for what could be perceived as a toxic ungrateful player base ?
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Re: I'm not a noob, now what???

Postby Amaryllis on Mar 25 2017, 3:29pm

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Re: I'm not a noob, now what???

Postby __Z3R0_KotFES_MaYHEM_MaCHiNE__ on Mar 26 2017, 5:22pm

Semzz. First of all, slap yourself. I was dominating this game when your momma was still wiping your nose.

Second, my news feed is empty. Where are you? Your boy walkton gives some sporadic incoming. Are you busy pinning on eb?

Back to the point of this thread, it's definitely the responsible of the community to shepherd players through the different stages of development. The devs just help that or impede it by the parameters in which they let us play the game. They have suggested some good changes, starting with a delay of new lands.

It's imperative that you find a clan that can help guide you in the style of game play you enjoy. I can personally tell you that Kotfe ain't the clan for a lot of people. Our style of game play isn't for everyone, however, there are many great clans through this game.

Moving on from a clan that's holding you back is very important. When I started the game, I was in a noob clan. They were of very little help to me. Once I moved on to a more established clan, they taught me how to play and that is what peaked my interest in this game. I didn't even know what farming was at that point, lol. Players would post my wall about some stupid 5 hit rule.

Anyway, I digress, find that clan or player that can take you to the next level. There are many qualified people in the community. Hopefully we will meet on the battlefield one day.
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Re: I'm not a noob, now what???

Postby 1_BadAss_Devilish_Rogue__Semzz on Mar 27 2017, 3:37am

Aww it's cute that you want to respond to me 2 days later because your p.o.s. thread is dead, unfortunately for you I'm not going to give it life going back and forth with a moronic self proclaimed visionary.

Anyone reading this p.o.s. thread do yourself a favor and look up titan-god's (moderator) thread, it leads to his website which he put a ton of effort into and is a wealth of knowledge for new players.

Bet this moronic visionary head recruiter for kaws #1 eb osw clan (kotfe) makes a new useless spam thread in a few days when he realizes I've killed this one too. Good day. ;)
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Re: I'm not a noob, now what???

Postby -_-OPTIMAL-_-CHAOS-_- on Mar 27 2017, 5:37am

While it totally agree titans website is awesome.
It doesn't talk to new players and given them a connection to kaw.
It gives all the information they need but in an impersonal way that we all need at some point.

That doesn't take away the fact that the best thing established players can do is reach out to new players and offer some guidance.

Just saying go read this and leaving them to themselves certainly doesn't make them feel welcome to the game.

A little social interaction can go a long way.
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Re: I'm not a noob, now what???

Postby Dafydd69 on Mar 27 2017, 6:08am

iSeekAttention2 wrote:I seek attention too, now what?

Your threads seem to be getting worse every day with a strong low effort theme that stands out for its low quality.

It seems to me this account was made purely to make this comment - how sad....
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