how much bfa is enough?

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Re: how much bfa is enough?

Postby tHe_KnuCKle_HeAd on Feb 27 2017, 9:56am

Bfa is overrated unless you're aiming for the leaderboard, which will take a very long time at your size.

You wanna trade allies for profit, cool! It will help get you an upgrade here and there.

Just remember, if at any time you get into a scuffle with someone in this war game, you can easily lose hundreds of billions if not trillions in a matter of minutes if you are hit while your active/underpriced ally is hired while you are not logged on and someone is hitting you.

Keep in mind that wars have been started by ally trading. It is a free market, but we all know there are still hoarders out there.

Trading is good. My opinion, upgrade every chance you get. You'll earn more with each upgrade so you can buy a big ally from your higher earnings.
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