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Re: Achievements

Postby IIl_GREYSUPERMAN65_lII on Apr 30 2013, 7:15pm

Wait, there are achievements in this game? That's lame.
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Re: Achievements

Postby FlamingTomato on Apr 30 2013, 7:16pm

Alright based on your previous response to Noveau (sp? sorry). I understand your reasoning for not wanting a sticky for this. In reality there should be another section or subsection of strategy for mechanics. That way threads that may not be as widely viewed as Wulf's EB guide can still be easily accessed for players who want to understand all aspects of the game. To do this would require a complete reworking of forums so I suppose I should add it to your Forum Ideas thread. Anyway that's my two cents, personally I enjoy reading threads like this that give insight on small technical aspects.
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Re: Achievements

Postby Drgn on Apr 30 2013, 7:17pm

That, I will agree with.
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Re: Achievements

Postby Nouveau on Apr 30 2013, 7:17pm

._. Close enough, Flaming!
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Re: Achievements

Postby SMiIeZ on May 15 2013, 7:10am

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Re: Achievements

Postby Nick on May 15 2013, 7:12am

Nice thread
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Re: Achievements

Postby -_-That-__Luccus__-Guy-_- on May 15 2013, 7:21am

Bump till stickied 


Although I might never open this thread again 
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Re: Achievements

Postby Resilient_xM3rcy on May 15 2013, 8:22am

Thing about players that actively pursue the achievements, that doesnt actually happen. People pursue a number of wins, or to be #1 on the Leaderboard, but not just for a shiny badge. They do it because its cool to be #1, or to have 1m assn wins/losses (if youre like that).

As for this thread being better than most threads on forums, thats a generic fact that goes for any well thought out thread, so that isnt really a good argument. This is a nice guide, its coherent and concise, but with OP leaving, and more and more achievements being brought out, I see this guide being outdated pretty soon.
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Re: Achievements

Postby SMiIeZ on May 15 2013, 9:06am

I'm leaving, but I will still be everyone's hearts (;

Who knows? Maybe the thread will be mysteriously updated occasionally.hehe
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Re: Achievements

Postby SMiIeZ on Feb 14 2014, 11:55am

Bumppp ;) Would appreciate if someone could pm me missing info from this to help me get caught up! Gonna try and modernize it :) Thanks!
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