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Postby Ayana on Jan 9 2019, 2:53pm

If I sucked so bad at my job. I would get fired. Ijs.
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Re: Devs

Postby Sourapple on Jan 9 2019, 3:00pm

Can i get a RIP in the chat boys
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Re: Devs

Postby KebutuhanSingAkehbanget on Jan 9 2019, 3:05pm

Yeah but at least I would let YOU sleep on my couch . . . .
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Re: Devs

Postby Wendy_of__WoG on Jan 9 2019, 3:07pm

You can’t deny the xtals are nice though. When people get complacent they stop initiating growth. Change promotes growth 
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Re: Devs

Postby [ATA]Winston on Jan 9 2019, 7:19pm

AfterLife_RlcKyBoBbY_WoG wrote:If I sucked so bad at my job. I would get fired. Ijs.

Feel free to leave feedback or constructive criticism so we can try to improve the game!
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