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Postby THE-GUY on Apr 25 2019, 8:30pm

AC__ShadowWraith__AC wrote:Alrighty ive read up on this new greed i mean green deal and how its stated.

First off its very vague. Which brings way too many problems

2. Tackling too many things at once without ability to even complete 1 of them.

3. Alot of government programs are already in place tackling some of these issues but then pass laws making it counter productive.

4. If your thinking solar power plants are the way to go, your very wrong as 1 solar farm super heats air around it. Think about it this way, what will have a cooler surface temperature- white reflective surface or black reflective surface- obviously the white surface is the correct answer because dark colors absorb more heat causing area around it to heat up.

4. You wanna combat transportation emmisions and industry emmissions even more than current attempts without massive financial impact....
PLANT MORE TREES, STOP CLEAR CUTTING MOVING TO SELECT CUTTING (if you dont know what select cutting is look it up) and boom 3 birds 1 stone. Cools temps, trees eat those emissions (its actually good for them like oxygen is for us) and select cutting greatly reduces wildfires and if one happens doesnt take all summer to put out like it does in California.

5. You wanna save the family centered home, houses/apts

for homless/elderly/disabled and so on then stop cramming people on tiny lots with no room for a garden. And anyone saying homeless are lazy you'd be wrong. Your thinking hobos. Majority of homeless are actually suffering from illnesses either mental, physical, or both. On other hand hobos choose that life style.

Solution would destroy current housing market and banks due to ridiculous over pricing from inflation and careless lending. Face it, income per household has dropped massively in all models when adjusted to gross inflation. Give everyone land and home at reasonable mortgage.

On the plus side- minimal mortgage, room to grow food, time for family, increased mental health because less stress from mortgage worries and working on healthy family bonds and so on. Far more feasible then proposed garbage they have or are trying.

Anyway point is until everyone focuses on family before some big paying job, nothing will get better.

Ya cant expect the next generation to be better when they have this horrible foundation to build on.

Thank you! Let the dems listen to you more thsn AOC. That way America won't wound up like Venezuela
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Postby AC__ShadowWraith__AC on Apr 25 2019, 9:21pm

-WidEspReaD_PaniC- wrote:Wow. This generation is completely clueless. I mean...COMPLETELY clueless. Whatever happened to questioning the premise? Does anyone know how to think critically and/or independently anymore?

I guess once you have voluntarily seceded all of your power and liberties to the nanny state Big Government, then perhaps you will understand how foolish and thoughtless this entire line of thinking has been.

Some of us still think for ourselves, some of us still observe society seeing this has been a multi generation problem meaning each generation has set the next one to be worse. If you cant see this you have become exactly what you stated about my generation.

I still dont understand how our society cant figure out a way to learn from the past, correct its mistakes, and keep the good parts.


We keep continuing down current path, the usa will collapse whether by civil war or economic destruction unfortunately by end of my generation maybe even before
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