Showing SODs and Circles in Showcase.

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Re: Showing SODs and Circles in Showcase.

Postby xDark_Dragonx on Mar 13 2019, 7:02am

No support, not other people's business to see what money some spends.
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Re: Showing SODs and Circles in Showcase.

Postby -IlIIJAY__C_IllI- on Mar 13 2019, 12:42pm

At first i thought "Yeah , that sounds good." Untill I read the replys and thought about it a little bit more.

Heres why NO SUPPORT.

It's no ones buisness how many pots anyone has.

Would create a way to pressure/kick people in clans who want to keep their seals/circles for later (like promo's)

Would be a way to fuigure out who's spending and how much they are spending on the game (again no ones buisnes)

Would not stop any scammers. All they have todo is just not drop.

Would make some who cant afford to pay feel embarrassed for no reason .

Would cause division when a friend with seals doesn't offer to drop even when they have a few extra and know you don't have any.
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Re: Showing SODs and Circles in Showcase.

Postby Haj on Mar 19 2019, 8:26am

No support hell devs have more important things to fix than this ...
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