imf’s suk aps

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imf’s suk aps

Postby saltyfeet on Mar 1 2019, 5:00pm

These thred is not to bash imf. I don no that guy. Well, Actualy, i no hes a yuge chump but thats it.

Anyway, les put him aside an tok about the army of unknon,random,broke guys bin total sukin up to him wheneber he apears on wc...

Lets get somethin clir...

Imf is not

gonna waste espikers recognisin ur presens in wc

Not gunna share what he has in ani way sheip of form with u un nons. What? Hes gunna gibe u his furnishins so urs is not pathetic?

Its truly pathetic u birgens try to gain his atention.
Why? Why do u do et? Ur as especial an unique as he is.
The diference is he likes these game an espends his incom oberhere.
U too espend ur incom in things u like like getin dronk or buyin that shert. Or if ur a nerd buyin old games an wastin ur life playin them.

Ur especial dud. Don be a sak ap. B urselfs.
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