A Moderator Appreciation Holiday?

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Re: A Moderator Appreciation Holiday?

Postby RS-roni-RS on Jan 29 2019, 1:04pm

Do try make me " give it a rest ". And i know exactly what im talking about.if you're on kaw 24/7 you obviously fake work.And i been around long enough to know and have experienced the negative effects of the dodgey mods hence being silenced/ forum banned and had threads locked.So i can speak from experience to say the mods active now are a class act and work hard to make kaw more fun so deserve a bonus for the overtime they put in to keep everything running smoothly and to keep the bullys under control.
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Re: A Moderator Appreciation Holiday?

Postby HeartFall on Jan 29 2019, 2:11pm

The point of being a moderator is a community servant they’ve already got the added bonus of practically unlimited speakers as well as a more direct path to the devs. No support.

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Re: A Moderator Appreciation Holiday?

Postby Jackson on Jan 29 2019, 2:19pm

There's only like 3 reasonable mods
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Re: A Moderator Appreciation Holiday?

Postby -WillyTheDeuce- on Jan 29 2019, 6:28pm

Benny is still on holiday.
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