[MGTD] Renewal

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[MGTD] Renewal

Postby Original_Belladonna on Dec 22 2018, 1:14pm


Welcome, KaW forum users. This is just my current take on life, more specifically the end of the year. Feel free to comment your feelings and knowledge you’ve gained this past year, whether good or bad. Just keep it RoC/ToU approved.

Today is a new day and much is to be said about our daily lives. With new days come new beginnings and fresh starts. As winter is in the midst of her final push towards renewal, it is also our time to renew ourselves. This time isn’t about gifts, it isn’t about fanatical beings that float down our chimneys, and it isn’t about who has more. This is about the cycle of life, death and rebirth. This is also a time for solemn reflection of oneself.

We need to ask ourselves the biggest questions of all: What is my purpose and how will I be beneficial in the coming times?

Those are personal questions and only you can define what the answers will be. Your choices affect the resulting consequences, whether good or bad. These choices will lead you down a path of natural behavior and empathy or they will lead you to a path of darkness and misery. Only you can decide which path you want to travel, and conformity is something that is not welcomed to walk right beside you.

Individualism has taught us to be better humans, or worse, in some cases. It has taught us how to grow and learn new things that are both beneficial and malignant to our lives. It has shaped our mental evolution to a point of immense intricacy. During this time, we take a look at the last year of our lives, how it’s impacted someone on some level. We have both joy and sorrow for reasons only known to the individual.

I have learned so much this year, the most important thing being how humans handle certain situations and how they carry themselves afterwards. Learning about human behavior as a study, I have evolved that into every day life. I hear stories and experiences and visualize the emotion during that time as if I had experienced. This has allowed me to become a better human myself. Allowing to hear from both online and offline individuals, it has grafted amazing intellect in my mental evolution. That is what I am looking forward to in the coming year, more experiences by other individuals to add to our ever-growing organic databank.

Happy holidays to everyone and I hope you have time to reflect on the previous year. May your choices guide you to where you need to be and may your experiences be fruitful and exuberant in the next year.

<3 Bella
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Re: [MGTD] Renewal

Postby Original_Belladonna on Dec 25 2018, 8:40pm

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Re: [MGTD] Renewal

Postby AshtonRocks on Dec 25 2018, 8:41pm

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Re: [MGTD] Renewal

Postby Jackson on Dec 30 2018, 4:18am

Forums are so dead wow
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Re: [MGTD] Renewal

Postby C0ML3Y on Dec 30 2018, 4:36pm

I’ll be honest

I’ll give you about a 4/10

The topic was interesting, was well written. Sadly it lacks flare, it was just a wall of text. No colour. No pictures.

It just felt bland
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