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Postby IITaP-LoNeRoSe-OuTII on Oct 19 2018, 6:09am

Dave wrote:Where I live we have a house that decorates it's garden for halloween and Christmas and donates cash raised to charity. Every year they have something new. I never see anything like this before and its fantastic for my children to understand that its all fun rather than a scary time of the year.

Couldn't agree more on the latter..2 of my children are autistic and love the lights and music of both holidays.
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Postby AshtonRocks on Oct 22 2018, 10:38am

THE-GUY wrote:What is your favorite Halloween moment? Can be from your childhood or whatever you remember. Keep this on topic and clean.

Grade 5 my best friend and i had the idea of getting multiple costumes to do multiple rounds of trick or treating. We recruited a middle schooler who was decent with face painting. That Halloween we did 3 rounds in our neighborhood and 1 round in another. Going with different groups of people + different costumes means you'll probably never get caught.

Candy has never appealed to me even as a kid except the occasional Reeses. But i could sell a mini milkyway, mini twix, mini kit-kats, etc for 25 cents and non chocolate candy can go for about 10 cents each with the exception of sour candy being 25 cents. During the January to March months this was do-able since it was no longer Halloween season (everyone has probably ate through their candy) and it was freaking cold those months in Ontario (Canada).

I think we made about $170. Which was a lot for two 5th graders, minus $20 for the face painter. So $170 total.

The next Halloween (grade 6 now) we doubled down, got 3 other kids to roll with us and paid said kids $25 per pillowcase. No face paint, cause we saved last Halloween costumes and had 4 total. We also only did 4 rounds in 2 different neighborhoods because we learned that apartment buildings are basically whole neighborhoods in 1 building, so we went to about 5 of those.

We made a total of $385 that year before getting in trouble with the school. Minus $75 for the 3 other pillowcases. So $310 total with some leftover product.
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