IPhone X update issues

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IPhone X update issues

Postby lxXx-lllGODllOFllWARlll-xXxl on Oct 16 2018, 9:30am

Does anyone with the iPhone X or XS have problems attacking, stealing, ass, sct, when in an epic battle or hitting another member because my account has been having a problem for a about a month now soon as I attack my game crashes ive spike to the devs they said wait for the new update, it’s been about a month now and the new update has come so I’ve installed it and still no good, I’ve deleted the app re installed it an still no good?

If anyone else has any ideas please let me know as the devs are not sure what’s happening as my problem isn’t resolved yet I’ve mailed them an they just keep fobbing me off
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Re: IPhone X update issues

Postby DeltaForceGM01 on Oct 16 2018, 9:40am

My iPhone X works fine
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Re: IPhone X update issues

Postby Tzshifter on Oct 16 2018, 12:05pm

Imagine buying an iphone X omegalul
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Re: IPhone X update issues

Postby SizzleBeef on Oct 16 2018, 1:56pm

Tzshifter wrote:Imagine buying an iphone X omegalul

That would make any sense, why buy a X when you can buy a six and spend the difference on KaW?
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Re: IPhone X update issues

Postby sj-inferorum_regnum_69 on Oct 16 2018, 2:29pm

I have the issue of resolution and several glitches. Sent in a ticket and, as for the resolution, this was the intent due to various screen "sizes". But I guess they forgot to "react" to all resolutions.
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